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A Guide to Dreamcatchers


What are dreamcatchers?

Dreamcatchers were first used by Native Americans specifically the Ojibwe people. It wasn’t until quite recently in the 60s and 70s that they became a more universal symbol amongst Native Americans from different nations. The Ojibwe people believed that the night air contained many dreams both good and bad. The dreamcatcher is designed to trap bad dreams in its web and feed good dreams down to the sleeper by the feathers dangling at the bottom of the hoop. Dreamcatchers tend to be placed over people’s beds to protect them at night.

What kinds of shops sell them?

Our wholesale dreamcatchers are popular in new age style shops but they’ve become a staple in more generic gift shops in recent years.

Who are they popular with?

Dreamcatchers are particularly popular with children and collectors interested in paganism, Indian American culture and wolves as lots of our dreamcatchers have wolf designs on them.

What materials are they made from?

Most of our wholesale dreamcatchers feature a printed canvas at the centre. Other materials used include plastic, nylon, feathers, acrylic and wooden beards and faux leather and faux fur.

What different designs do you sell?

The majority of our dreamcatchers incorporate Lisa Parker designs. She frequently features wolves, angels and depictions of traditional Native American scenes.

How are they packaged?

Dreamcatchers come in a clear cellophane wrapper. They are robust so travel well.

Is there a minimum quantity that has to be ordered?

No most will be sold in singles, some of the smaller ones might have enforced quantities but they will also be small.

What products sell well with dreamcatchers?

Since dreamcatchers are popular with New Age customers, they go well with our aromatherapy products, especially our essential oils and incense.

Retail customers that like the dreamcatchers designs may also be attracted to other products featuring Lisa Parker designs.

What are the top sellers in this category?

1Lisa Parker Unicorn Dreamcatcher 33cmDCPA02BLisa Parker Unicorn Dreamcatcher 33cm
2Mini Feather Dreamcatcher - 5cm HoopDC43Mini Feather Dreamcatcher - 5cm Hoop
3Dreamcatcher Print - Lisa Parker Wolf Head 16cmDCP06QDreamcatcher Print - Lisa Parker Wolf Head 16cm
4Dreamcatcher Print Lisa Parker Quiet Night of the Wolf 16cmDCP06YDreamcatcher Print Lisa Parker Quiet Night of the Wolf 16cm
5Bright Mini Feather DreamcatchersDC44Bright Mini Feather Dreamcatchers
6Dreamcatcher Print - Lisa Parker Wolf Head 33cmDCP02QDreamcatcher Print - Lisa Parker Wolf Head 33cm
7Dreamcatcher Key RingDCK01Dreamcatcher Key Ring
8Fantasy Dreamcatcher Print - Fairy Ascent 16cmDCP06FFantasy Dreamcatcher Print - Fairy Ascent 16cm
9Dreamcatcher Print - Wolf & Cub Sunset 16cmDCP06ADreamcatcher Print - Wolf & Cub Sunset 16cm
10Dreamcatcher Print Lisa Parker Angel 16cmDCP06ZDreamcatcher Print Lisa Parker Angel 16cm

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