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Contact Lenses FAQs


Wholesale Contact Lenses FAQ's

We are now excited to be offering Fashion Contact Lenses.  These fun lenses can make any party or fancy dress outfit extra special. When purchasing these items it is important to remember these are fashion lenses and the Frequently Asked Questions information below should be read before using these products.

Important Information

  • Contact Lenses come with full product details and instructions, please read before using.
  • An unopened vial has a three year life span, however once opened they must be used within a fixed time frame determined by the individual product.
  • Once opened contact lenses can be used repeatedly within their life span however the solution must be changed each time they are used.
  • DO NOT wear these contact lenses to correct your vision, these are fashion lenses.

Note: Contact Lenses (including fashion lenses) cannot be listed on Ebay.co.uk.  Please read Ebay's Prohibited Items rules for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I put them in?

  • A: The product comes with detailed instructions in a pamphlet telling you how to wear and care for your contact lenses.

Q: Is it hard to put in?

  • A: We provide simple instructions to follow which explain the correct way to put in your contact lenses.

Q: How long do they last?

  • A: When unopened the product has a three year life span, however as soon as the vial is opened the product has either a ninety day or one year life span. The life span is indicated on individual product pages. During the life span you can wear them as often as you want.

Q: Do I need an eye test?

  • A: You do not need an eye test to wear this product, however DO NOT wear this product to correct your eye sight and if you have any existing eye issues consult your optician before using this product.

Q: I wear glasses, does this mean I can't use this type of product?

  • A: As our product does not alter your vision there is no reason why you can't wear them at the same time as your glasses.

Q: I wear contact lenses, can I wear patterns or colours over or under them?

  • A: No if you wear contacts to correct your vision you will need to purchase prescription colour or pattern contact lenses from your optician.

Q: What is the minimum age?

  • A: There is no law stating a minimum age.

If at any time you require further information about this product please contact customerservices@puckator.co.uk.


For more information on our eye wear products in general, including a list of our top sellers take a look at our eye wear product guide.

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