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Customer Product Feed

What is the Puckator data feed?

Our data feed allows you to access the prices and product information of all our in-stock and coming soon items in seconds.  It's quick and easy to download and gives you instant access to our product details.

How do I access the feed?

It's simple and easy to access our feed in just a few clicks. 

  • Sign up or sign into the site, this only takes a couple of seconds to complete.
  • Once you are logged in, a button will appear in the right-hand menu labelled DOWNLOAD FEED DATA  - click it!
  • A new save dialog window will open with the file name customer_product_feed.csv  so you can save it to your computer.
  • Find the file on your computer and open with a spreadsheet program such as Excel or OpenOffice.

What information can I find in the data feed?

With our easy to download product data feed you can access the following information in seconds.

Product CodeOur unique product code that we give every product
Product title
Stock Level
Current stock level
Due Date
This is the next expected delivery date
Unique barcode identifier
DescriptionRetail description for each product
Dimensions Product size
Price Our standard 1st tier net (ex vat) price in GBP
EnforcedThe minimum quantity of the item you need to purchase
Tier_1, Tier 1_qty, Tier 2, Tier 2_qtyThese are the middle and bulk prices and the quantity you need to order to get these prices
Weight Individual product weight in kilograms of each item

Why is the name and description different to the one on our website?

The description we provide on our product data feed is designed to be used on your website.  Over the last few years google and search engine providers have become very strict on the use of duplicate content on multiple websites. 

It is much better for you to have specific content when detailing products on your website or sales platform.  Plus as we are a wholesaler, the description we give you on our website is designed to give you the information you need when purchasing from us, but when selling products direct to the public it is much better to use a "retail friendly" description - which is what we provide on our datafeed download.

What can I use the data feed for?

There are many uses for our data feed.

  • Viewing products when not on the website.
  • Checking prices.
  • Checking product dimensions.
  • Updating stock on websites and stock control systems.
  • Viewing reorder dates.
  • Live stock levels.
  • Feeding product information to websites.
  • Accessing retail descriptions and names.

How often is the data feed updated?

This file is generated on the fly from our database so it is always up to date at the moment you press the button, but of course once saved on your computer it isn't updated - you would need to download a new version each time you wanted to refresh your data.

The stock levels are updated throughout the day as we receive orders.  We also do a main update at 6pm every evening from our accounts program.

Are all products included on the file?

No, we only show current in stock items or coming soon items on the feed.

How accurate are the next delivery dates?

Delivery times can be subject to delays but generally they are pretty accurate.  Goods take approximately 5 weeks to ship from China to arriving in our warehouse, so once they are on the water we make sure the date that is showing on reordered products is as up-to-date as possible.

Sometimes these dates can change and as soon as we know about any issues with delivery we update our system which will in turn update the feed.

Can you help me link this feed to my website?

Unfortunately not, we do not offer any technical assistance incorporating this feed into your website or selling platform, however as this file is a CSV it is a universal format that can be used with most selling platforms.

I have the feed but what about photos?

We get a lot of emails asking if our photos can be used on customers websites, catalogues and selling platforms, the answer is yes.  All of our product photos are available for use and can be saved from the individual product page.  The images are hi-res and in a jpeg format, another easy to use universal format.

We now offer an even quicker and easier way to access our photos.  You can now download our images in bulk, see the next section below for full details.

Product Images:

Below you will find a collection of zip files containing our current in stock and reordered products.  These files do not contain any images for coming soon products as these images are taken from samples and we only add them to these files when the products arrive into our warehouse.

We update these files once a month.  As well as the main files there are also a selection of files for more recent items so you can just download the newest photos added.

Here are some tips on how to download these files.

  • The best time to download these files is in the evening or overnight as this is when the servers they are stored on are getting the least use.
  • Don't link directly to these files, this puts added pressure on the servers and can slow down your download.
  • Set a reminder to check the file once a month to keep up-to-date with all the most recent changes.


Image Codes A Image Codes J
Image Codes S
Image Codes B Image Codes K
Image Codes T
Image Codes C
Image Codes L
Image Codes U
Image Codes D
Image Codes M
Image Codes V
Image Codes E
Image Codes N
Image Codes W
Image Codes F
Image Codes O
Image Codes X
Image Codes G
Image Codes P
Image Codes Y
Image Codes H
Image Codes Q
Image Codes Z
Image Codes I
Image Codes R

If you have already downloaded the main files above and just want the most recently added files then choose from the below files for quick and easy access to our newest images.

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