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Wholesale Magnets

If you go into any home around the world and look at their fridge then it is likely they have a selection of notes and photos held on by magnets.  At Puckator UK we have a fun and novelty selection of wholesale magnets that cover a wide range of themes.  

Our wholesale magnets range includes cute animals and pets, bright and colourful seaside and travel themes, seasonal Christmas, mum and dad creations and historical or decorative designs.  We add to this range all through the year so keep checking back for the latest hot new trends.

Why choose these products?

  • An inexpensive range that will add colour and variety without taking up too much space.
  • Mixture of designs and themes to suit multiple locations and store ranges.
  • An easy off the counter purchase as a souvenir of a holiday or day out.
Best Sellers

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  • Seaside and Beach Designs
  • Cat and Dog Pet Themes
  • Lucky Leprechauns

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  Lucky Leprechaun Magnets
LEPR06 - Lucky Leprechaun Magnets

It's a product!3478 in Stock

  Crusader Knight Magnets
KN146 - Crusader Knight Magnets

It's a product!2729 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Heart Shaped
MAGN72 - Seaside Magnet - Heart Shaped

It's a product!2387 in Stock


  Dark Legends Silver Skull Dragon Magnet
DRG330 - Dark Legends Silver Skull Dragon Magnet

It's a product!1896 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Beach in Sunglasses
MAGN71 - Seaside Magnet - Beach in Sunglasses

It's a product!1788 in Stock

  New Seaside Magnet - Bicycle
MAGN95 - New Seaside Magnet - Bicycle

It's a product!1487 in Stock


  Cactus Jack Novelty Cactus Magnet
MAGN116 - Cactus Jack Novelty Cactus Magnet

It's a product!1462 in Stock

  Cat in a Box Novelty Magnet
MAGN118 - Cat in a Box Novelty Magnet

It's a product!1452 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Turtle
MAGN129 - Seaside Magnet - Turtle

It's a product!1412 in Stock


  Seaside Magnet - Octopus
MAGN121 - Seaside Magnet - Octopus

It's a product!1388 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Heart Turtle
MAGN130 - Seaside Magnet - Heart Turtle

It's a product!1328 in Stock

  Day of the Dead PVC Magnets
DOD21 - Day of the Dead PVC Magnets

It's a product!1320 in Stock


  New Seaside Magnet - Track
MAGN96 - New Seaside Magnet - Track

It's a product!1296 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Owl
MAGN133 - Seaside Magnet - Owl

It's a product!1268 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Smartphone
MAGN135 - Seaside Magnet - Smartphone

It's a product!1256 in Stock


  Seaside Magnet - Heart Alassio
MAGN137 - Seaside Magnet - Heart Alassio

It's a product!1171 in Stock

  Cat, French Bulldog and Pug Mug Shot Magnet
MAGNP51 - Cat, French Bulldog and Pug Mug Shot Magnet

It's a product!1171 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Beach Umbrella and Deck Chair
MAGN127 - Seaside Magnet - Beach Umbrella and Deck Chair

It's a product!1148 in Stock


  Seaside Magnet - Little Boat with Anchor
MAGN126 - Seaside Magnet - Little Boat with Anchor

It's a product!1064 in Stock

  New Seaside Magnet - Anchor
MAGN88 - New Seaside Magnet - Anchor

It's a product!1030 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Sun
MAGN128 - Seaside Magnet - Sun

It's a product!1028 in Stock


  Seaside Magnet - Tropical Fish
MAGN134 - Seaside Magnet - Tropical Fish

It's a product!1028 in Stock

  New Seaside Magnet - Seahorses
MAGN97 - New Seaside Magnet - Seahorses

It's a product!995 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Starfish
MAGN122 - Seaside Magnet - Starfish

It's a product!992 in Stock


  Seaside Magnet - Helm and Anchor
MAGN131 - Seaside Magnet - Helm and Anchor

It's a product!992 in Stock

  New Seaside Magnet - Flip Flops
MAGN87 - New Seaside Magnet - Flip Flops

It's a product!969 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Scallop Shell
MAGN132 - Seaside Magnet - Scallop Shell

It's a product!968 in Stock


  Snowboarder Magnet
MAGNP38 - Snowboarder Magnet
It's a product!956 in Stock

  New Seaside Magnet - Ice Lolly
MAGN91 - New Seaside Magnet - Ice Lolly

It's a product!924 in Stock

  Seaside Magnet - Scooter
MAGN136 - Seaside Magnet - Scooter

It's a product!920 in Stock


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