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Our wholesale aromatherapy gifts category contains everything you need to chill out and relax.  We have an extensive collection of aromatherapy gifts that can be used every day to enhance the fragrance and ambience of any space or event.  These include an extensive range of candles, oil burners, top quality incense, essential oils and more, all of which are available at low wholesale prices.

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  1. AIRF84 - Mint Peak Season Snowboarding Air Freshener
  2. AIRF83 - Mint Peak Season Snowboarder Air Freshener
  3. XAIRF16 - Festive Spice Christmas Elf Air Freshener
  4. AIRF58 - Strawberry Retro Speed King Red Scooter Air Freshener
  5. AIRF57 - Blueberry Retro Blue Scooter Air Freshener
  6. XAIRF108 - Christmas Cookies Simon's Cat Reindeer Hat Air freshener
  7. XAIRF107 - Gingerbread Christmas Simon's Cat Air freshener
  8. XAIRF106 - Winter Berries Christmas Cutiemals Santa Air freshener
  9. XAIRF105 - Gingerbread Christmas Cutiemals Elf Air freshener
  10. AIRF99 - Vanilla Mopps Pug Air Freshener
  11. AIRF98 - Bubble Gum Turquoise Monstarz Monster Air freshener
  12. AIRF97 - Bubble Gum Red Monstarz Monster Air freshener
  13. AIRF115 - Mint London Red Routemaster Bus Air freshener
  14. AIRF114 - Vanilla London Icons Landmark Air freshener
  15. AIRF113 - Bubble Gum Space Cadet Astronaut Air freshener
  16. AIRF112 - Screwball Scented Somewhere Rainbow Air freshener
  17. AIRF111 - Fizzy Cola Headstock Guitar Air freshener
  18. AIRF110 - Peach Cutiemals Koala Air freshener
  19. AIRF109 - Raspberry Cutiemals Panda Air freshener
  20. AIRF104 - Autumn Leaves Highland Coo Cow Air freshener
  21. AIRF103 - Lemon Cake Dog Squad Black & White Dog Air freshener
  22. AIRF102 - Citrus Dog Squad French Bulldog Air freshener
  23. AIRF101 - Cherry Blossom White Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Air Freshener
  24. AIRF100 - Jasmine Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Air Freshener
  25. XAIRF25 - Cinnamon Christmas Dachshund through the Snow Air Freshener
  26. AIRF94 - Green Apple Pwafrrr Smelly Mr Bean Air Freshener
  27. AIRF93 - Strawberry Mr Bean Crown Air Freshener
  28. AIRF92 - Coconut Simon's Cat Pawsome Air Freshener
  29. AIRF91 - Mint Simon's Cat Pawsome Heart Shaped Air Freshener
  30. AIRF90 - Forest Scandi Moose Air Freshener
  31. AIRF89 - Sea Breeze Shark Cafe Air Freshener
  32. AIRF88 - Cherry Feline Fine Cat Air Freshener
  33. AIRF87 - Orange Blossom Feline Fine Cat Air Freshener
  34. AIRF86 - Eucalyptus Pandarama Air Freshener
  35. AIRF85 - Blueberry Catch Patch Dog Air Freshener
  36. AIRF82 - Popcorn Game Over Air Freshener
  37. AIRF80 - Forest Streamline Caravan Air Freshener
  38. XAIRF22 - Christmas Unicorn Festive Friends Cookie Air Freshener
  39. XAIRF21 - Christmas Sloth Festive Friends Spiced Orange Air Freshener
  40. XAIRF20 - Christmas Alpaca Festive Friends Apple Cinnamon Air Freshener
  41. XAIRF19 - Festive Feline Tree Cat Cinnamon Spice Air Freshener
  42. XAIRF18 - Festive Feline Lights Cat Nutmeg Air Freshener
  43. AIRF79 - Queen and Corgi Royal Bloom Air Freshener
  44. AIRF78 - Mi Kawaii Weather Raspberry Air Freshener
  45. AIRF76 - Simon's Cat Clawsome Strawberry Air Freshener
  46. AIRF75 - Simon's Cat Check Meowt Vanilla Air Freshener
  47. XAIRF17 - Christmas Elf Driving Home for Christmas Air Freshener
  48. XAIRF11 - Orange Spice Christmas Snowman Air Freshener
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(Items 1-48 of 52)

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