Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

Secret Santa shoppers everywhere will soon be browsing for gifts – so how do you make the experience easy for lunch-break customers who may be time pressed?

We've got lots of ideas for budget-friendly items that won't be found elsewhere.

From eye-masks for gamers to novelty bottle openers, Puckator's products are great for those “I saw this and thought of you” moments.

While the custom of assigning gifts at random began as a workplace tradition, Secret Santa has now also been adopted by many families and groups of friends. People getting together over the holiday season see it as a way to cut back on the amount of cash spent on gifts for adults without cutting down on any of the fun of giving and receiving!

A typical workplace Secret Santa may be set at around £5-£10, while families may opt to spend more on each surprise.

Shoppers will be on the look out for something a little different that will bring a smile when unwrapped – and a present that shows they know the recipient well.

Here at Puckator we've got Secret Santa all sussed out. We've got literally hundreds of product lines that are ready made for a fun and economical gift, and we've made it easy to search by price point or by theme.

With ranges such as our solar pals that come in a wide choice of design, customers are sure to be able to find just the right item for their Secret Santa pick.  A great place to start is our Collections and Brands range where you will find some of our top-selling themes plus ranges grouped for men and women.

There's also plenty of products with a fun festive feel – just right for colleagues about to wind down for the holidays – have a look at our moose salt and pepper shakers, or Christmas-themed tumblers and mugs.

Did you know:

Secret Santa comes from a Christian tradition and variations of the game are played all over the world: in parts of Europe and Australia it is known as Kris Kringle (from Christkindl – the Christ Child); in Spain and all over Latin America it's Amigo Secreto (secret friend); in Germany it's Wichteln (a good deed); and in Israel, the custom is known as A Dwarf and A Giant, and is played during the festival of Purim.

For a fun twist on Secret Santa you could try White Elephant or 'Dirty Santa'– bring gifts and take it in turns to open them one at a time. Each person has the choice of stealing the last person's gift or taking a new gift out of the box.