Shaun the Sheep

It's not long now til the new Shaun the Sheep movie comes onto the big screen and we can't wait to see what adventures are in store for Shaun and his flock this time!  We're just as excited about our expanding range of Shaun the Sheep gifts: just like the animation, they've got masses of comic appeal for all ages.

In Farmageddon, due for release in the UK on October 18th, a spaceship crash lands near Mossy Bottom Farm. Shaun goes on a mission to help the adorable alien LU-LA find her way back home – but first, the flock has to escape the sinister alien-hunting agency which is hot on their trail.  As LU-LA's amazing powers cause havoc all around Mossingham, Shaun discovers that being a shepherd is a lot harder than being a sheep!

Shaun the Sheep's madcap antics began all the way back in 2007 when the stop-motion cartoon first appeared on the BBC.

A sheep who definitely doesn't follow the flock, Shaun is always leading his friends into mischief as he tries to outwit the Farmer and his loyal helper Bitzer the dog.

Through the series and the first feature length film, Shaun the Sheep has become one of Aardman Animations' best-loved creations: he was even voted the best-loved BBC TV cartoon character of the last 70 years!

The success of our Shaun the Sheep products reflects this enduring popularity – along with the other Aardman characters Wallace and Gromit, the solar pal has been a top seller ever since it arrived in the warehouse.

Look out for our bamboo travel mug and new bone china mugs in a choice of two styles, lunch boxes, bags and children's water bottles. There's even a doormat for dirty hooves!


Did you know:

Shaun the Sheep first appeared as a side character alongside Wallace and Gromit in the 1995 stop-motion film A Close Shave. His name is a pun on the word shorn – after going through Wallace's automatic sheep-shearing machine and finding himself a little too bare, Shaun decides he'll wear a jumper made out of his own wool!

Episodes of Shaun the Sheep often contain references to iconic movie moments, such as a parody of the shower scene from 'Psycho' used in 'The Little Sheep of Horrors'

If you visit Land's End, you can explore a life-size Mossy Bottom Farm, have a go at creating your own animations and enjoy interactive adventures with all the characters at Aardman's Grand Experience

Shaun the Sheep has his very own theme park – Shaun the Sheep Land in Sweden – which opened in 2016