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Sloth & Panda Gifts

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Our collection of wholesale sloth and panda gifts is a must-have range! It has so many things going for it; many lines are created by our UK based design team, the designs will appeal to multiple age groups and genders and they sell well all year round. With so many boxes ticked it is easy to see why this is fast becoming one of our top selling ranges.

We have created designs and themes based around the characteristics and features of these lovable animals, with slogans and imagery developed from the laid-back nature of the sloth and the cute distinctive look of the panda. Browse our wholesale sloth and panda gift collection today and add this top-selling range to your store.

Why choose these products?

  • Fun creative collection with innovative product design.
  • Large range of low-cost products that will appeal to the younger market.
  • Branded packaging with many lines coming in either individual or countertop displays.

Top Sellers

  • Mugs and Ceramics
  • Lip Balm and Beauty
  • Slogan Designs

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  1. TY700 - Panda Slingshot
  2. AIRF86 - Eucalyptus Pandarama Air Freshener
  3. XAIRF21 - Christmas Sloth Festive Friends Spiced Orange Air Freshener
  4. HAN62 - Pop Art Hanging Sloth Decoration
  5. PEN123 - Cutiemals Panda Pen
  6. XGBAG61A - Christmas Panda Gift Bag - Large
  7. STA90 - Panda Pencil
  8. STA41 - Cute Panda Pencil with Eraser Top
  9. PEN132 - Pandarama Novelty Pen
  10. TY702 - Pull and Move Trembling Panda
  11. STA22 - Jungle Animal Pencils - Elephant, Panda, Lion, Zebra
  12. XGBAG61X - Christmas Panda Gift Bag - Extra Large
  13. STA61 - Sleepy Sloth Pencil with Eraser Topper
  14. STA82 - Sleepy Sloth on Branch Pencil with Eraser Top
  15. TY677 - Squeezy Sloth Hide and Seek Toy
  16. TWEE30 - Pandarama Panda Tweezers
  17. KEY167 - Cutiemals Panda Keyring
  18. TYJ122 - Sloth Mood Ring
  19. TYJ121 - Panda Mood Ring
  20. TY701 - LED Light Up Flashing Panda Bouncy Ball
  21. SPON05 - Cutiemals Red Panda Makeup Sponge
  22. SPON03 - Cutiemals Panda Makeup Sponge
  23. STA84 - Sloth 3 Piece Eraser Set
  24. STA103 - Panda Multi Colour Pen (5 Colours)
  25. TY699 - Pandarama Pooping Panda Keyring
  26. TY698 - Hatching Panda Tree Egg
  27. NAIL91 - Pandarama Nail File Set
  28. WS152 - Sloth World Figures
  29. TY678 - Just Hanging Around Sloth Poop Keyring
  30. PEN122 - Cutiemals Sloth Pen
  31. TY721 - Stretchy Panda Pen
  32. WS151 - Panda World Figures
  33. PIN16 - Collectable Pandarama Enamel Pin Badge
  34. PIN18 - Collectable Just Hanging Around Sloth Enamel Pin Badge
  35. HAND04 - Spray Hand Sanitisers - Pandarama
  36. PUR59 - Pandarama Tic Tac Purse
  37. KEY164 - Just Hanging Around Sloth LED Keyring with Sound
  38. STA105 - Panda Pom Pom Pencil with Panda Head Topper
  39. STA83 - Sloth 5 Piece Stationery Set
Set Descending Direction

(Items 1-48 of 131)

per page
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