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Day of The Dead Product Guide

What is the Day of the Dead?

A public holiday celebrated in Mexico on 1st and 2nd November but cultures across the world celebrate the day as well. During the celebrations it's traditional to set up an altar in memory of friends and family who have passed away and dress the altar with offerings including food. Brightly decorated skulls made of sugar are also left on alters and tombs and it's these colourful skulls that have inspired many of the products in this range and which are now popular across the globe.

Are the products only popular in November?

No. Although the public holiday takes place in November, the skulls are a popular gift all year round thanks to their bright colours and unique style.

What collections do you offer from designers?

We stock a range of wholesale Day of the Dead gifts designed by Lauren Billingham including compact mirrors in four different designs, bone China mugs and the MDF Picture Clock.

Which products in the range sell well alongside each other?

Fashion items such as keyrings, rings, bracelets and headphones sell well together, particularly in alternative clothing shops. We also stock a lot of homeware products such as bottle openers, mugs, salt and pepper sets and egg cups which are popular in alternative shops and with homeware retailers.

Which products are suitable for the home?

Many of these wholesale products make ideal gifts for the home and sell well in department stores and home living shops, as well as gift shops. Popular home products include cushions, clocks, egg cups and salt and pepper shakers.

Which products are suitable for children?

Some of the products in the range such as the matches, ash trays and bottle openers are definitely not suitable for children. However, many of the items in the range make fantastic gifts for kids including the money boxes, pens and pencils. Check the details of individual items to see if they're suitable for children or not.

What type of shops stock these ranges?

Any! Day of the Dead Skull products such as the keyrings, rings, bracelets and pens sell well in clothing shops, particularly alternative clothing shops. The homeware products including bottle openers, mugs and salt and pepper sets which are ideal stock additions to home and living shops. Other shops where the ranges are popular include gift shops, bookshops, card shops, novelty stores and toy shops.

What is the minimum order on the products?

The minimum order varies across the range depending on the products. Larger items such as mugs, clocks and money boxes are available to purchase in singles although most will come in a variety of colours so it's good to get a mix. With the smaller items such as fashion accessories and stationery these will come in display boxes so will have an enforced minimum quantity.

How long will the air fresheners last for?

We pack the air fresheners full of fragrance so they will last a while, there is no fixed time frame as it depends the environment they are hung in and how quickly you get used to the fragrance.

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Which products in the range are the most popular?

The smaller items sell very well, particularly the keyrings, but all the ranges are popular.

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