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Natural History & Museums

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At Puckator we have a huge and varied selection of wholesale natural history collectables and museum novelties that fit into the museum gift bracket. Products include collectable figurines, kids activity and excavations kits, dinosaur novelties, minerals, gemstones and more.

Whether you are on a national scale or just a small town museum, we will have something for every attraction size, and with our low minimum order and small enforced quantities, you can get a great variety of products without going over budget. Want to know more about these products? Visit our Tourist Attraction Guide.

Why choose these products?

  • Works well for both large and small museums and attractions.
  • Tailored for tourist locations with assorted lines in decorative display boxes.
  • Activity and dig it out kits that are established best sellers.

Museum Top Sellers

  • Natural Gemstones and Minerals
  • Historical Souvenirs
  • Dinosaur Range

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  1. ESP18 - Egyptian Key Ring
  2. ESP17 - Egyptian Magnets
  3. WS104 - Egyptian Pyramid World Figures
  4. TY498 - Squidgy Light Up Colourful Puff Pet Triceratops
  5. KN147 - Medieval Knight Key Ring
  6. ES14 - Black Egyptian Pyramid (issue 18)
  7. ES12 - Black Scarab
  8. DIG47 - Baby Dinosaur in Egg Dig it Out Kit
  9. KN148 - Medieval Knight Fridge Magnet
  10. KN146 - Crusader Knight Magnets
  11. DIG04 - Small Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit
  12. KN162 - Knight Pencil Topper & Pencil
  13. DIG49 - Rawr Dinosaur Skull Fossil Dig-A-Saurs Dig it Out Kit
  14. DIG48 - Rawr Mini Dinosaur Dig-A-Saurs Dig it Out Kit
  15. TY555 - Dinosaur Hatching Egg - Large
  16. KN145 - Battle Ready Crusader Knight 8cm
  17. ES114 - Egyptian Figures in a Bag
  18. PEN48 - Armoured Knight pen
  19. DIG44 - Roman Artefact Dig It Out Kit
  20. TY518 - Squeezy Dinosaur Toy
  21. POT01 - Gold Egyptian Canopic Jar
  22. KN134 - Crusader Knight Assorted Designs
  23. ESP10 - Black & Gold Bast Wearing Scarab Necklace
  24. ESP07 - Hieroglyphic Decorated Pyramid
  25. ESP03 - Golden Bast Holding Sistrum
  26. ESP02 - Golden Egyptian Sphinx on Hieroglyphic Base
  27. ESP19 - Golden Egyptian Obelisk
  28. ESP20 - Ramesses the Second Seated on Hieroglyphic Throne
  29. RF27A - Egyptian Sarcophagus
  30. ESP09 - Golden Tutankhamen Holding Crook & Flail
  31. ESP08 - Golden Isis Wings Stretched
  32. ESP04 - Golden Horus Holding Ankh with Staff
  33. ESP01 - Black & Gold Anubis Recumbent
  34. TY557 - Squeezable Dinosaur Toy
  35. ESP16 - Egyptian Waterball with Hieroglyphics
  36. ES99 - Egyptian Bast, Black
Set Descending Direction

(Items 1-48 of 53)

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