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Get ahead of the competition in our wholesale coming soon gifts and products category. The gift and homewares market is one of the fastest-growing in the UK so to be one of the leading wholesalers and importers we have to keep a close eye on the latest trends. At Puckator this is a big part of what we do so it's great to have a buying team with their finger on the pulse of what the next fashionable or collectable range will be.

In our wholesale coming soon category you can see all the new and exciting products and ranges that we will be stocking over the next few months. As we are constantly expanding our product database we do not offer a printed catalogue so this is the perfect way to view the new lines. Once the products arrive in our warehouse we update the website with the full product details so you can order them straight away.

Pre-ordering these items can be done through our sales team. To find the agent for your area, click here and visit the sales agent contact page.

What will you find in this category?

  • Updated weekly with new lines coming in the next few months.
  • Keeps you informed of the latest new lines and trends in the giftware market.
  • Products show an expected delivery date so you can order as soon as they arrive.

Popular Ranges

  • Simon's Cat
  • Solar Pals
  • Aardman

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  1. INC557 - Goloka Archangel Incense Chamuel
  2. INC556 - Goloka Archangel Incense Raphael
  3. INC555 - Goloka Archangel Incense Gabriel
  4. INC554 - Goloka Archangel Incense Michael
  5. INC553 - Goloka Incense Resin Pure Sambrani 50g
  6. INC552 - Goloka Incense Resin Frankincense 50g
  7. INC549 - Goloka Incense Resin Three Kings 50g
  8. INC551 - Goloka Incense Resin Myrrh 50g
  9. INC550 - Goloka Incense Resin Dragon Blood 50g
  10. OILG16 - Goloka Aroma Oils Arabian Myrrh 10ml
  11. OILG15 - Goloka Aroma Oils Frankincense 10ml
  12. OILG14 - Goloka Aroma Oils Sri Lanken Cinnamon 10ml
  13. OILG13 - Goloka Aroma Oils Sandalwood 10ml
  14. OILG12 - Goloka Aroma Oils California White Sage 10ml
  15. OILG11 - Goloka Aroma Oils Spanish Rosemary 10ml
  16. TY739 - Squeezy Octopus
  17. EOG09 - Goloka Orange Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  18. TY734 - Stretchable Dachshund Dog
  19. TY745 - 4x4 Stunt Truck Toy
  20. TY741 - Friction Bump Animal Monster Truck
  21. EOG08 - Goloka Lemon Grass Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  22. EOG13 - Goloka Lemon Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  23. KEY240 - Mr Bean LED Keyring with Sound
  24. EOG12 - Goloka Ylang Ylang Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  25. EOG11 - Goloka Ginger Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  26. EOG10 - Goloka Cinnamon Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  27. TY751 - Plush Squeezy Zoo Animals
  28. TY750 - Plush Squeezy Sealife Sea Creatures
  29. OILB06 - Goloka Blend Oils Cold Remedy
  30. OILB05 - Goloka Blend Oils Anti Depression
  31. OILB04 - Goloka Blend Oils Energising
  32. OILB03 - Goloka Blend Oils Stress Relief
  33. OILB02 - Goloka Blend Oils Decrease Anxiety
  34. OILB01 - Goloka Blend Oils Sleepy Time
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(Items 1-48 of 104)

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