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Collections and Themes Gifts Product Guide

Collections and Themes Product Information Page

What makes products in this section so popular?

People love to indulge their passions for collecting around a theme. Whether it’s a special hobby like cycling or baking, a love for an interior theme like chintzy florals, or a fondness for a particular animal like butterflies or owls, our wholesale range of affordable collectables is full of items that will appeal to all kinds of customers. From the car enthusiast to the moustache fan, and the people just trying to keep that holiday feeling all year round, these gifts are consistent sellers for any general gift shop. With a huge variety of wholesale products in each theme area from decorative tapes to ceramics, nail files to cushions, and storage tins to stationery, there’s a diverse selection available for a wide cross-section of customers.

What themes and collections are available?

Our products cover a range of popular themes:

Who buys them?

All kinds of customers, male and female, young and old. Children and teens love to collect small items for themselves or buy them for their friends, and older customers have interests they want to showcase through their taste in home d´cor themes. Items in our collectable ranges make ideal gifts across the generations.

What kind of retailers should stock these products?

This category works for almost any type of gift shop, especially card shops and shops with small homewares sections. Our selection will fit into many different retail outlets, with designs to suit all ages, as well as practical and novelty items. The more feminine ranges feature beauty items like mirrors and nail files, so would fit well into POS displays at beauty salons too.

How well do these products sell?

These products make ideal birthday gifts and mementoes so there’s a market year-round. There are peaks around Mothers’ Day for our items in the butterfly, floral, and baking collections, since they make ideal gifts. Our cars and cycling gifts are similarly popular around Fathers’ Day. There are also larger items like aprons, clocks and ceramics which sell well as Christmas gifts.

Are these products affected by seasonal sales?

With the variety of products available there is some seasonal sales variation, but this tends to be with the smaller items that sell well during April to October. The larger items such as the kitchen ceramics, clocks and aprons are popular Christmas gifts.

How are they packed?

Packaging will vary across the ranges and items in each collection. Some items come with individual boxes, others come as multiple items in boxes.

What if my items arrive damaged?

We take care to ensure our packaging protects your order from any damage but we can't prevent every eventuality. If your goods are damaged in transit, just drop us a line at customerservices@puckator.co.uk within 14 days of delivery with your order details and we will arrange returns.

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