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Seasonal & Celebration Gifts

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Wholesale special occasion gifts are big business.  There are the usual suspects such as Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day, and with the build-up to these seasonal holiday getting earlier and earlier each year, you have more of a window to take advantage of these celebrations.  We stock a large range of wholesale seasonal gifts, some of them specifically targeted at the holiday or event, as well as many lines that cross over and are good all year round sellers.

Getting ahead of the game with wholesale special occasion gifts is the key and we make sure we have plenty of stock well in advance of the event.  You will also find lots of goodies suitable for birthdays and other events such as christenings and St Patrick's day, plus we often run promotions and offers to coincide with these seasonal holidays so if you haven't already sign up to our newslettertoday.

Why choose these products?

  • Covers multiple celebrations and holidays.
  • Features lines that are specific to the occasion as well as many crossover lines
  • Updated regularly with stock arriving well in advance to keep you ahead of the game.

Top Sellers

  • Christmas Range
  • Halloween Skulls
  • Love Heart Collection

Other Celebration Categories You Might Like

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  1. PEG19 - Pack of 4 Easter Egg Craft Pegs
  2. XGBAG62B - Christmas Game Over Gift Bag - Medium
  3. XGBAG61B - Christmas Panda Gift Bag - Medium
  4. XGBAG60B - Christmas Skull Metallic Gift Bag - Medium
  5. XGBAG59B - Simon's Cat Meowy Christmas Metallic Gift Bag - Medium
  6. XGBAG58B - Christmas Penguins Gift Bag - Medium
  7. XGBAG57B - Christmas Dinosaur Gift Bag - Medium
  8. WRAP45A - Jan Pashley Xmas Reindeer Wrapping Paper 50 x 70cm
  9. XAIRF16 - Festive Spice Christmas Elf Air Freshener
  10. WRAP52A - Festive Friends Christmas Animals Wrapping Paper 50 x 70cm
  11. ZOMB08 - Zombie Head Pencil Topper
  12. XNAIL05 - Festive Friends Christmas Animals Matchbook Nail File
  13. XGBAG68B - Christmas Dachshund Through The Snow Gift Bag - Medium
  14. INC368 - 37513 Stamford Premium Hex Incense Sticks - Love Angel
  15. INC302 - 37154 Love Angel Stamford Incense Sticks
  16. INC296 - 37135 Goblins Lair Stamford Black Incense Sticks
  17. INC295C - 37186 Pixies Dance Stamford Black Incense Cones
  18. INC295 - 37134 Pixies Dance Stamford Black Incense Sticks
  19. INC294C - 37185 Mermaids Love Stamford Black Incense Cones
  20. INC294 - 37133 Mermaids Love Stamford Black Incense Sticks
  21. INC293C - 37184 Wizards Spell Stamford Black Incense Cones
  22. INC293 - 37132 Wizards Spell Stamford Black Incense Sticks
  23. INC292 - 37131 Werewolfs Bite Stamford Black Incense Sticks
  24. INC290C - 37178 Stamford Black Incense Cones - Fairys Mist
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(Items 1-24 of 322)

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