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Egyptian Gifts & Statues

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Our wholesale Egyptian gifts range has developed from just statues and figurines to include everyday products and gifts that feature the detail and significance of the Ancient Egyptian culture. The range includes products mainly produced in resin with finishes from opulent gold and turquoise to stone effects and traditional matt black.

We have everything from stationery and magnets to paperweights and canopic jars in our wholesale Egyptian gift range, with various designs including Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, Horus and Anubis, alongside symbols and landmarks of the Egyptian culture such as the great pyramids, sphinx, sarcophagi and scarabs. The range suits all manner of retail outlet and sells especially well in museum gift shops, new age shops, toy shops and of course anywhere specialising in Egyptian products.

If you would like to learn more then our product guides are just a click away. See what hints and tips you can find in our Egyptian Gifts Product Guide here.

Why choose these products?

  • Recognisable imagery that is great for educational outlets.
  • Rich colours and finishes that look great.
  • Top selling range of pocket money products that kids will love.

Best Selling Products

  • Excavation Dig It Out Kits
  • Egyptian God Statues
  • Mummy Novelties

Other Themes And Ranges You Might Like

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  1. ESP18 - Egyptian Key Ring
  2. ESP17 - Egyptian Magnets
  3. WS104 - Egyptian Pyramid World Figures
  4. ES14 - Black Egyptian Pyramid (issue 18)
  5. ES12 - Black Scarab
  6. KEY76 - Egyptian Mummy Keyring
  7. ES114 - Egyptian Figures in a Bag
  8. DIG45 - Egyptian Mummy and Pyramid Dig it Out Kit
  9. PEN76 - Gruesome Novelty Mummy Pen
  10. PEN144 - New Egyptian Pen
  11. PEN95 - Egyptian Mummy Pen
  12. POT01 - Gold Egyptian Canopic Jar
  13. ESP10 - Black & Gold Bast Wearing Scarab Necklace
  14. ESP07 - Hieroglyphic Decorated Pyramid
  15. ESP03 - Golden Bast Holding Sistrum
  16. ESP02 - Golden Egyptian Sphinx on Hieroglyphic Base
  17. ESP19 - Golden Egyptian Obelisk
  18. ESP20 - Ramesses the Second Seated on Hieroglyphic Throne
  19. RF27A - Egyptian Sarcophagus
  20. ESP09 - Golden Tutankhamen Holding Crook & Flail
  21. ESP08 - Golden Isis Wings Stretched
  22. ESP04 - Golden Horus Holding Ankh with Staff
  23. ESP01 - Black & Gold Anubis Recumbent
Set Descending Direction

(Items 1-24 of 40)

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