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Egyptian Gifts Product Guide

Figurines and Statues:

What Different Styles do you sell?

We sell a number of different models of Egyptian culture icons and culturally significant images from pyramids, sarcophaguses (or sarcophagi!) and obelisks to depictions of specific goddesses, gods and pharaohs. In our wholesale collection you’ll find Nefertiti, Sekhmet, Tutankhamen and Bast to name a few!

What are they made of?

Most of our figurines are made of polyresin and painted to achieve different finishes.

How are they packaged?

Our wholesale figurines come individually packed in plain cardboard boxes.

What happens if they arrive damaged?

We take care to ensure our packaging does all it can to prevent damage but we can’t prevent every eventuality. If your goods arrive damaged just drop us a line at within 14 days of delivery with your order details and we will arrange returns.

What kind of shops sell these products?

These wholesale products are most popular with museum shops where Egyptian themed products can often coincide with particular exhibitions. They are also popular in kid’s toy stores and pagan and new age shops.

What kind of profit can a customer make on these?

Some of the smaller items are just pocket money so the profit isn’t huge but neither is the investment. On the slightly larger items more can be made as they are more detailed and intricate and will appeal to the older collector rather than the younger market.

Do I need to issue any safety instructions with the figurines?

Some of our figurines are technically toys and marked with CE European logo which means they are not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts.

Pens, Key Rings, Magnets:

What are these products made of?

Pens: The pens are made of resin (they are biros).

Key rings: Resin with a metal chain.

Magnets: Resin and metal.

How big are the pens?

The pens are 15cm long, which is approximately the same length as an average biro. Keep in mind that the decorative figure accounts for over half the pen.

Dig it Out Kit and Excavation Kit:

What do they come with?

The Dig it Out kit comes with a digging tool, brush and a pyramid shaped block to excavate. The block itself is made from polyresin, sand, gypsum and clay and each pyramid contains an Egyptian treasure.

The excavation kit comes complete with a block of gypsum and sand, a wooden chisel, a brush and a display plinth. Hidden inside the block is an Egyptian treasure toe excavate.

Are they classed as toys?

Though the kit is aimed at children and young people are not suitable for anyone under the age of 3 and the small parts are a choking hazard. The products are CE marked to indicate that it complies with all relevant EU directives. If young children are going to be using these products we recommend they are supervised.

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