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Back to School

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At Puckator our wholesale back to school category has everything you need.  We supply lunch boxes, cool bags, PE kit bags as well as all the stationery you could ever want including pencil cases, pencils, and stationery sets.  This is a one-stop shop for wholesale back to school products whether at the beginning of the term or stocking up any time during the year.

Not only is our wholesale back to school product collection a great range for kids of all ages both for school and party bags, but you will also find products that adults will love too and can be used for promotional and corporate events.

Why choose these products?

  • Great all round product range with designs to suit all ages.
  • Features many of our popular top selling themes.
  • Versatile range with eye-catching counter displays and packaging.

Top Sellers

  • Stationery Sets
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Eraser and Pencil Sets

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  1. STA111 - I Heart Alassio Pencil with PVC Topper
  2. STA101 - I Heart Roma Pencil with PVC Topper
  3. PEN129 - Torino Pencil with Mole Topper
  4. STA69 - Novelty Cactus Pencil
  5. STA79 - Oh My Llama Eraser
  6. STA37 - Cute Honey Bee Pencil with Eraser Top
  7. STA234 - Whale 2 Piece Eraser Set
  8. STA23 - Forest Friend Pencil with Eraser Topper
  9. PEN149 - Cutiemals Animal Pencil with PVC Topper
  10. PEN148 - Monstarz Monster Pencil with PVC Topper
  11. PEN147 - Dog Squad Pencil with PVC Topper
  12. STA90 - Panda Pencil
  13. STA80 - Heart Arrow Pencil with Eraser Topper
  14. STA72 - Set of 3 Cute Alpaca Erasers
  15. STA66 - Cactus Pencil with Eraser Topper
  16. STA65 - Flamingo and Pineapple Tropical Pencil with Eraser Topper
  17. STA62 - Shark Pencil with Eraser Topper
  18. STA41 - Cute Panda Pencil with Eraser Top
  19. STA78 - Oh My Llama Pencil with Eraser Topper
  20. XSTA107 - Christmas Pencil with Eraser Topper
  21. STA47 - Fun Rocket Pencil with Eraser Top
  22. STA22 - Jungle Animal Pencils - Elephant, Panda, Lion, Zebra
  23. STA99 - Puppy Dog Pencil
  24. STA98 - Shark Pencil
  25. STA100 - Dinosaur Pencil
  26. STA61 - Sleepy Sloth Pencil with Eraser Topper
  27. STA239 - Football Pencil with Eraser Topper
  28. STA238 - Whale Pencil with Eraser Topper
  29. STA237 - Shark Pencil with Eraser Topper
  30. STA82 - Sleepy Sloth on Branch Pencil with Eraser Top
  31. STA248 - Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Pencil with Eraser Topper
  32. STA244 - Dog 2020 Pencil with Eraser Topper
  33. STA243 - Cat 2020 Pencil with Eraser Topper
  34. STA158 - Lemur Pencil with PVC Topper
  35. STA157 - Calabria Pencil with PVC Topper
  36. STA97 - Puppy Dog Eraser in a Mini Box
  37. STA64 - Aye Aye Captain Pirate Pencil with Eraser Topper
  38. STA60 - London Icons Pencil with Eraser Topper
  39. STA51 - Cute Unicorn Pencil with Unicorn Eraser Topper
  40. STA21 - Funky Flamingo Pencil
  41. STA14 - Cartoon Knight Pencil with Eraser Top
  42. STA43 - Cute Parrot Pencil with Eraser Top
  43. STA68 - Seaside Lobster Pencil with Eraser Topper
  44. STA81 - Mini Heart Eraser Pot
  45. XSTA246 - Christmas Characters Pencil
  46. STA117 - Cutiemals Pug, Cat, Shiba Inu 3 Piece Eraser Set
  47. STA116 - Cutiemals Farm 3 Piece Eraser Set
  48. STA115 - Cutiemals 3 Piece Eraser Set
Set Descending Direction

(Items 1-48 of 119)

per page
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