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Natural History & Museums

At Puckator we have a huge and varied selection of wholesale natural history collectables and museum novelties that fit into the museum gift bracket. Products include collectable figurines, kids activity and excavations kits, dinosaur novelties, minerals, gemstones and more.

Whether you are on a national scale or just a small town museum, we will have something for every attraction size, and with our low minimum order and small enforced quantities, you can get a great variety of products without going over budget. Want to know more about these products? Visit our Tourist Attraction Guide.

Why choose these products?

  • Works well for both large and small museums and attractions.
  • Tailored for tourist locations with assorted lines in decorative display boxes.
  • Activity and dig it out kits that are established best sellers.
Museum Top Sellers

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  Baby Dinosaur in Egg Dig it Out Kit
DIG47 - Baby Dinosaur in Egg Dig it Out Kit

Back in stock6984 in Stock

  Dinosaur Hatching Egg - Large
TY555 - Dinosaur Hatching Egg - Large

It's a product!5819 in Stock

  Armoured Knight pen
PEN48 - Armoured Knight pen

Back in stock3546 in Stock


  Crusader Knight Magnets
KN146 - Crusader Knight Magnets

It's a product!3317 in Stock

  Small Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit
DIG04 - Small Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit

It's a product!3040 in Stock

  Egyptian Key Ring
ESP18 - Egyptian Key Ring

It's a product!2988 in Stock


  Medieval Knight Key Ring
KN147 - Medieval Knight Key Ring

It's a product!2584 in Stock

  Battle Ready Crusader Knight 8cm
KN145 - Battle Ready Crusader Knight 8cm

It's a product!2284 in Stock

  Knight Pencil Topper & Pencil
KN162 - Knight Pencil Topper & Pencil

It's a product!2028 in Stock


  Egyptian Pyramid World Figures
WS104 - Egyptian Pyramid World Figures

It's a product!1908 in Stock

  Bag of 25 Assorted Rune Stone
MIN18 - Bag of 25 Assorted Rune Stone

It's a product!1904 in Stock

  Dinosaur Novelty Pen
PEN64 - Dinosaur Novelty Pen

It's a product!1740 in Stock


  Squeezable Dinosaur Toy
TY557 - Squeezable Dinosaur Toy

Back in stock1644 in Stock

  Black Egyptian Pyramid (issue 18)
ES14 - Black Egyptian Pyramid (issue 18)

It's a product!1563 in Stock

  Tutankhamun 11cm
ES48 - Tutankhamun 11cm

Back in stock1514 in Stock


  Medieval Knight Fridge Magnet
KN148 - Medieval Knight Fridge Magnet

It's a product!1378 in Stock

  Glow in the Dark Dino Dig it Out Kit
DIG17 - Glow in the Dark Dino Dig it Out Kit

Back in stock1363 in Stock

  Make Your Own Gemstone Necklace Kit
MIN22 - Make Your Own Gemstone Necklace Kit

It's a product!1321 in Stock


  Gemstone Pendant with Gold Effect Edging
JEW363 - Gemstone Pendant with Gold Effect Edging

It's a product!1295 in Stock

  Sarcophagus 13cm
ES45 - Sarcophagus 13cm

Back in stock1191 in Stock

  Egyptian Figures in a Bag
ES114 - Egyptian Figures in a Bag

It's a product!1163 in Stock


  Squidgy Light Up Colourful Puff Pet Triceratops
TY498 - Squidgy Light Up Colourful Puff Pet Triceratops

It's a product!1092 in Stock

  Crusader Knight Assorted Designs
KN134 - Crusader Knight Assorted Designs

It's a product!1061 in Stock

  Egyptian Magnets
ESP17 - Egyptian Magnets

Back in stock1022 in Stock


  Egyptian Sarcophagus
RF27A - Egyptian Sarcophagus

It's a product!902 in Stock

  Pointed Gemstone Pendant
JEW364 - Pointed Gemstone Pendant

It's a product!816 in Stock

  Black Scarab
ES12 - Black Scarab

It's a product!808 in Stock


  Golden Egyptian Canopy Boat
ESP12 - Golden Egyptian Canopy Boat

It's a product!788 in Stock

  Black & Gold Anubis Recumbent
ESP01 - Black & Gold Anubis Recumbent

It's a product!765 in Stock

  Fantasy Knight Goblet - Decorative Only
KN158 - Fantasy Knight Goblet - Decorative Only

It's a product!763 in Stock


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