Hints and Tips Guide to Buying and Selling Air Fresheners

Where can I use your air fresheners?

The obvious place to use our air fresheners is in a car or vehicle, but that's not the only place to add fragrance.  Use them as room fresheners at home in the toilet or teenagers bedroom, or add them to your wardrobe to keep your clothes fresh.  They are great for the gym, cloakrooms, porches and sheds, anywhere you want to add fragrance.

How long will the scent last?

The length of time the scent lasts will depend on where they are hung - on average they will last a few months.  Fragrance doesn't always fade as quickly as we think it does, our noses get used to regular scents so sometimes the smell is still there, we just can't smell it as strongly.

What do they smell like?

Each air freshener has a different scent which is described in the individual product descriptions. Fragrances are all based on natural scents and range from fruity to fresh.

What are they made from?

Scented cardboard with a fabric loop for hanging.

How big are they?

The products vary in size depending on the style. Each product has individual measurements within the product description.

What kinds of shops sell them?

Since they are predominantly used in the car, they are often sold in garages and car accessories shops, however they are a universally popular item so you will find them stocked in supermarkets, gift shops, clothing shops and homeware stores. 

How are they packaged and how can I display them?

Each item is individually wrapped in cellophane with a cardboard backing with hangtag top.  They work best when displayed either on a wall or a stand so they have the biggest visual impact and customers can see all the designs and fragrances.  Each design is sold in enforcements of 6, so you can easily add a good variety to the range. 

Do any of your air fresheners have themes?

Yes, we have lots of themes and ranges that feature many of our most popular designs.  We also stock licensed designs and seasonal themes so you can keep the fragrance themed all year round.

Do they sell better at any time of year?

They sell well throughout the year but certain scents sell better at certain times of the year. For example, warm scents such as vanilla, ginger and berry sell well in cooler months whereas fresh scents such as coconut, sea breeze and lemon are great scents for the summer months.

What other similar categories would you recommend?

Here are some other similar categories that offer great value for money as well as a large variety of themes and products.

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