Angel and Cherub Product Guide

Who is the target market for wholesale angel ornaments and gifts?

As angels and cherubs are popular in many different cultures and religions there is a wide target audience for these gifts.

They are often popular around Christmas time and Valentine's Day or are given as gifts to people in times of need to give them reassurance and hope. These gifts are popular with adults and children alike and many of our angel and cherub lines make lovely keepsakes and momentoes.

What's the difference between a cherub and an angel?

A cherub (also known as cherubim) is a type of angel and they are regarded in Christianity as an angel of the second highest order of the angelic hierarchy, second only to Seraphim. In Christianity, the term angel describes a benevolent spirit who acts as an intermediary between God and heaven and earth.

Often angels are depicted as 'guardians' who protect humans which is something many people find comfort in.

What type of retailers stock these gifts?

Church shops, gift shops, alternative and spiritual shops, health shops, florists, department stores and garden centres are all common retailers for these types of gifts. Angels and cherubs are also stocked in specialist Christmas shops.

Are they more popular at certain times of the year?

This range of wholesale gifts is especially popular at Christmas both to give as gifts and to decorate the home. Cherubs, in particular, are popular for christenings and also around Valentine's Day as unique gifts for loved ones.

Our cherub and angel ornaments are also good sellers during the rest of the year as the designs, colours and finishes mean they work all year round and are not specific to one seasonal holiday.

Are they collectable?

Yes, our angels are a great range for first time or seasoned collectors.  The ornaments and figurines are very decorative, some with a traditional tone, and others with a more modern or cheeky feel. 

Are any of your gifts guardian angel-themed?

Yes, we stock a range of guardian angel and angels with gemstones.

Are any of these products suitable as sympathy gifts?

Yes, these products can be used as tasteful memorials for loved ones who have passed away. Our cherub letters and cherubs with hearts are particularly popular.

Are any of these gifts suitable for christenings or weddings?

Definitely. Many of our gifts make suitable christening gifts and can be kept as keepsakes for the future.

Some of the range make ideal wedding favours such as our small cherubs and angel trinkets.

How are they packaged?

As with our fairy range, most come individually boxed but the majority will be in plain card boxes rather than gift boxes. Some of the ranges have multiple designs that come in the same box, also there are countertop displays for the smaller items.

What are the figurines made from?

The majority is resin as it's easy to sculpt and detail and also can take multiple finishes. 

Can they be displayed outside?

Our resin products can be placed outside but the paint finish can peel and flake if exposed to the elements so they should be kept in a sheltered position.

Which wholesale cherub and angel ornaments are the most popular?

Many of the products in this range have been popular sellers for many years.  The cherub letter gifts which spell out loved one's names are extremely popular, as are our angel wings and rose cherubs.  Below are several quick links to some of our top sellers, but visit our Angel and Cherubs page for the full collection.

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