Wholesale Product Buying Guide for Aroma Diffusers

LAMP02U Aroma Lamp from Puckator UKWhat are aroma diffusers?

Aroma diffusers are home aromatherapy humidifier that adds fragrance into the air via a mist.

They are designed to look good as well as adding fragrance, and often come with an LED to enhance the design.

How do they work?

Each diffuser has an ultrasonic plate in the base that when turned on vibrates turning the water and oil mix inside into an aromatic mist that disperses into the air.  When inhaled it can aid relaxation and mindfulness and is often used during meditation and yoga.

Why are they so popular?

Home aromatherapy products have been popular for many years but tended only to be in a niche market.  Now, customers are more aware of the benefits of products like this and the importance of relaxation of the body and the mind.  The technology and processes for manufacture have progressed, meaning there is more variety on the market and that they are more accessible.

What products can I use with them?

Diffusers are designed to be used with water and a few drops of essential oil.  We stock many different essential oils, all of which are pure (unless stated) and extracted from plants and natural botanicals.

Do they come with instructions?

Yes, full instructions are provided for each diffuser and should be read thoroughly before use and retained for future reference.  They are not complicated products to use, but as with anything electrical they need to be used correctly.

How are they powered?

We have both USB diffusers and UK 3 pin plug diffusers available.  Full details for each product can be found in the description.

What retailers sell these?

It used to be the case that these were only stocked by aromatherapy specialists and new age fragrance stores, but they have become more mainstream over the last few years so will work well in any retail environment.  They sell best when customers can see how they work, and with associated products such as essential oils and other aromatherapy lines including incense and oil burners.  

Having one on display so you can show your customers how they work is another easy selling technique as once they visualise them in their own home, they won't be able to resist trying one for themselves.

Are they easy to maintain?

Yes, they come with full instructions on use, cleaning and care.

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