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Essential Oils

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At Puckator UK quality is important to us and in our wholesale essential oils category, as with many others in our fragrance collection, you will find top quality products at competitive trade prices. Our essential oils are part of our Eden range and use a variety of methods to extract 100% pure oil from plants, fruit and foliage. 

They are a great range for gift shops, and many other gift stockists, because there are so many products which naturally accompany essential oils like oil burners, incense, incense holders, pot pourri and fragrance oils.

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  1. EOP12 - Eden May Chang Essential Oil - 10ml
  2. EOG09 - Goloka Orange Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  3. EOG03 - Goloka Eucalyptus Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  4. EOG08 - Goloka Lemon Grass Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  5. EOP02 - Eden Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10ml
  6. EOG13 - Goloka Lemon Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  7. EOG12 - Goloka Ylang Ylang Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  8. EOG05 - Goloka Patchouli Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  9. EOG04 - Goloka Lavender Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  10. EOG02 - Goloka Cinnamon Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  11. EOP05 - Eden Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - 10ml
  12. EOG11 - Goloka Ginger Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  13. EOG10 - Goloka Cinnamon Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  14. EOP13 - Eden Bergamot Essential Oil - 10ml (FCF)
  15. EOG06 - Goloka Peppermint Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  16. EOG01 - Goloka Bergamot Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  17. EOP07 - Eden Patchouli Essential Oil - 10ml
  18. EOG07 - Goloka Tea Tree Natural Essential Oil 10ml
  19. OILB06 - Goloka Blend Essential Oils Cold Remedy
  20. OILB05 - Goloka Blend Essential Oils Anti Depression
  21. OILB04 - Goloka Blend Essential Oils Energising
  22. OILB03 - Goloka Blend Essential Oils Stress Relief
  23. OILB02 - Goloka Blend Essential Oils Decrease Anxiety
  24. OILB01 - Goloka Blend Essential Oils Sleepy Time
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(43 Items)

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