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Fragrance Oils

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At Puckator UK our fantastic range of wholesale fragrance oils has been exclusively blended creating a unique and distinctive brand that not only smells good but looks great as well. Available in multiple fragrances our oils can be used in oil burners, lamp rings, or with potpourri and dried flowers.

Wholesale fragrance oils add a subtle perfume to any home and are ideal for all gift, home and aromatherapy shops. Fragrance oils may be the synthetic cousins of essential oils, but the variety of applications they can be used for makes them a strong seller all year round.

Our Eden branding adds another level to this range with the packaging and display boxes making our products stand out in your store. Alongside the oils, we also have a range of scented sachets that combine some of our top selling themes with scents that will relax, invigorate and inspire. You can find out more about this collection in our fragrance oils product guide.

Why choose these products?

  • Huge variety of fragrances to choose from.
  • Just a few drops and you can lift the ambience of a room or event.
  • Fragrances to suit all tastes with spicy, festive, fruity and floral available as well as the core top sellers.

Best Sellers

  • Christmas Fragrances
  • Opium, Patchouli and Lavender
  • Sandalwood and Vanilla

Similar Categories We Recommend

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  1. OILG16 - Goloka Aroma Oils Arabian Myrrh 10ml
  2. OILG15 - Goloka Aroma Oils Frankincense 10ml
  3. OILG14 - Goloka Aroma Oils Sri Lanken Cinnamon 10ml
  4. OILG13 - Goloka Aroma Oils Sandalwood 10ml
  5. OILG12 - Goloka Aroma Oils California White Sage 10ml
  6. OILG11 - Goloka Aroma Oils Spanish Rosemary 10ml
  7. OILG10 - Goloka Aroma Oils Citronella 10ml
  8. OILG09 - Goloka Aroma Oils Madagascar Vanilla 10ml
  9. OILG08 - Goloka Aroma Oils Fresh Mint 10ml
  10. OILG07 - Goloka Aroma Oils Egyptian Jasmine 10ml
  11. OILG06 - Goloka Aroma Oils French Lavender 10ml
  12. OILG05 - Goloka Aroma Oils Nag Champa 10ml
  13. OILG04 - Goloka Aroma Oils Pure Patchouli 10ml
  14. OILG03 - Goloka Aroma Oils Mystic Rose 10ml
  15. OILG02 - Goloka Aroma Oils Himalayan White Musk 10ml
  16. OILG01 - Goloka Aroma Oils Peruvian Palo Santo 10ml
  17. XOILP08 - Jingle Smells Eden Set of 3 Christmas Fragrance Oils
  18. OILP26 - Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn Set of 3 Fragrance Oils
  19. OILP24 - Fruit with Faces Set of 3 Fruity Fragrance Oils
  20. OILB06 - Goloka Blend Oils Cold Remedy
  21. OILB05 - Goloka Blend Oils Anti Depression
  22. OILB04 - Goloka Blend Oils Energising
  23. OILB03 - Goloka Blend Oils Stress Relief
  24. OILB02 - Goloka Blend Oils Decrease Anxiety
Set Descending Direction

(Items 25-48 of 55)

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