Wholesale Guide to Selling Buddha, Thai, Ganesh and Oriental Giftware

We have an extensive collection of unique Buddha gifts that have expanded over the years from figurines and garden Buddha to novelty Buddha keyrings, homewares and accessories for everyday use.  As well as the decorative aspect of our collection you will still find lines that represent the spiritualism and cultural importance of Buddha and his following today.

What types of Buddha do you sell?

Chinese Buddha

The Chinese Buddha, also known as the Laughing Buddha or the Fat Buddha, is a Chinese deity. He is often depicted as a fat balding man carrying prayer beads and a cloth sack. His image is of a poor man with few possessions but he is happy and cheerful as his wealth comes from his enlightenment.

Thai Buddha

Our wholesale Thai Buddha range includes all sizes of Buddha from small oil burners to larger figures. Thai Buddhism, as with Chinese Buddhism, is based on the belief of leaving the greed of everyday life behind you - then your wealth will come from your enlightenment.


Ganesh is one of the most widely recognised and worshipped Hindu Deities with his elephant head making him easy to identify. He is honoured at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies

What are the products made of?

Most of the figurines are made from resin unless otherwise specified.  The resin will generally be solid on the smaller figures but some of the larger figurines are hollow.

Oil burners and incense holders are made from resin, wood or ceramic but all the products in the range will have the materials detailed in the product description.

How are the figurines packaged?

Our Buddha collection generally comes individually packaged, but again it depends on the product.

Some products will come with a decorative colour gift box or counter display to add to the products overall appeal, but with many of our Buddha ornaments the box will be a plain brown or white box as the figurine itself is the main focus and the packaging is not used in the visual sale of the product.

How should I display this range?

Buddha gifts and figures do well displayed individually but work really well in a group.  You can pick from the same colour range or select others from different collections to offer more choice to your customers. 

We have small and large figurines as well as other novelty ornaments and trinkets featuring more graphic and modern designs, but we will always have a core collection of traditional figures as they continue to be a strong seller.

Are they suitable for outdoor use?

Resin as a material is suitable for use outdoors however some of the paint effects and finishes applied to the figures can weather and peel over time.   Frost can crack hollow resin figures and can also damage the external finish.

We recommend that if you do put resin figures outdoors that they are positioned in a sheltered spot and brought indoors over the winter months for added protection.

When and where do these products sell well?

Resin Buddha figurines and ornaments do well in many retail outlets such as home decor stores, garden centres and new age shops.  The smaller collectables such as keyrings, shopping bags and pens do well in souvenir locations, gift shops and markets.  They are a universal line that reinvents itself with the latest trends as they are decorative, practical and have the spiritual and cultural following.

As we say about many of our ranges, Buddha are a good all year round seller.  This is because we have a strong overall range of products and they fit into many retail locations. 

.Are there other similar lines that would work well alongside Buddha products?

Our cultural and historical category features many other ranges that work well with our unique Buddha gifts.  Take a look at some of our top recommendations below.

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