Wholesale Cool Bag and Food Containers Buying and Information Guide

Why type of lunch boxes and food containers do you sell?

Cool Bags

A handy size for everyday use at work or school. made from polypropylene and with a foam and foil lining, these handy zip-up cooler bags keep food cool or warm (depending on what you have put in there) and are easy to store when not in use.

Picnic Bags

A slightly bigger version of the above perfect for a lunch with a crowd. Lunch bags - these are the same size as our cooler bags but they don't have any thermal lining.

Recycled Bottle Lunch Bags

The same size as our standard COOLB codes these lines are made from recycled plastic bottles.  They don't have the foam or foil lining that our cool bags have so are lightweight and perfect for everyday use.

Bento & Lunch Box Sets

If you need a variety of sized storage containers for lunch, kitchen or craft storage then these are the perfect set. We offer bento and mixed-size sets in a huge variety of designs. With the mixed sizes, you can use them to keep your food or trinkets separate and when not using them for storage, they nest neatly together or inside each other.

Bamboo Lunch Boxes

Our bamboo range offers an alternative material and size lunch box and ticks all the boxes for an eco-friendly product as are made from a bamboo composite.

Are they food safe?

Yes, all our plastic and bamboo lunch boxes are food safe. Our cool bags are suitable for carrying and keeping food warm or cold, but the contents need to be wrapped or covered.

Can they go in the microwave or dishwasher?

It depends on the product. If an item can or can't be used in the microwave or dishwasher it will clearly show on the product and packaging.

Can I used them in the fridge and freezer?

Cooler bags are not designed to go in the freezer but can be stored in there for a short period of time. Frozen or cool items can be stored in our cooler or picnic bags to keep them cool for longer.

Our plastic lunch boxes are suitable for use in the fridge and freezer.  The material composition of bamboo products means they cannot be used in the fridge or freezer.

What materials are they made from?

Any bamboo product on the market will be made from a composite of materials. Our range is a mix of 60% bamboo, 35% melamine and 5% cornstarch.  Melamine is used as a binding agent and is BPA and phthalate-free.

Our solid plastic range in made from BPA free PVC and the cooler bags are polypropylene with a foam and foil lining.

RPET is another material that is starting to come through in our range.  Currently available on our MBAG lunch bags, RPET is made from recycled plastic bottles.

What are your best selling themes and designs?

The entire range sells well, but particularly our floral and animal collections do very well. This includes botanical and Simon's Cat.

What times of the year do they sell well?

As with many of our categories, they are a good seller throughout the year, but there are peak times of the year such as the summer or back to school when they do very well.

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