Door Stops and Door Mats Product Buying Guide

Simon's Cat Door MatAre doormats and door stops a good seller?

Yes, both these products are core collections in our range and we expand the designs available every year.  They are popular products as fit well into multiple retail outlets and cover a large range of our top-selling designs.  

Where can they be used?

Doormats are suitable for use indoors and out.  Doorstops are for internal use only.

What are they made from?

Doorstops are made from polyester and are filled with polyester stuffing and fine grade sand, about a 50/50 ratio.  The sand gives the doorstop weight to hold the door in place while the stuffing means it's not too heavy so can be easily moved if needed.

Our range of door mats is made from recycled coconut fibre, also known as coir, with a durable PVC backing.  The backing gives the mat strength and means it lasts longer.  Coir is naturally hard-wearing so can handle even the busiest doorways, indoors and out.

Where are they imported from?

Both collections come from the Far East, the doormats from India and the doorstops from China.

What designs are most popular?

All of them. Our ranges move with the latest trends so we are always refreshing our collections as well as keeping long-standing top sellers.  Both of these collections sell well, and with plenty of designs to choose from you can find suitable products to fit into your store's theme.

Can they be recycled?

Textile recycling is widely available at the curbside or through local recycling centres so if your doorstop gets damaged or worn you can separate the fabric outer and filling and recycle.  The sand should be disposed of safely as per your local authority guidance, or perhaps even used as drainage in plant pots or the garden.  For info on recycling the doormats contact your local council for information as it will vary depending on where you live.

Are Puckator door stops suitable for children?

As cute and cuddly as some of our doorstops look, they are not toys and are not recommended for children to play with.

How do these products come packaged?

As part of our eco-pledge, we are trying to move away from plastic packaging but some products still require protection to keep them clean during transit to you, and while being stored in your shop.  We have worked closely with our supplier to find alternatives to plastic, and our doorstops are one of our success stories.  They come in a white textile bag that protects the product but can be recycled in any textile recycling facility.  Doormats are durable on their own so come loose with no additional packaging required.  

How should these products be stored?

Doormats can be rolled which is handy if you are shipping them to customers but it is best to keep them flat when on display or in storage.  Doorstops should be keeps in a dry location which is why they are only for use indoors.

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