Fairy Gifts & Figurines Product Guide

Fairies from Puckator UKAre any of the fairy gifts suitable for children?

Although these gifts are not toys, some of them are suitable for children, provided they are handled carefully. Some of our most popular wholesale gifts for children include novelty collectables and stationery.

Are they suitable for use in the garden?

The fairies are made from resin which is a material suitable for use outside; however, since the paintwork is not sealed they are not really suitable for outdoor use. They can go outside in sheltered positions but be aware that the paintwork may weather and peel as it is not sealed.

Are these gifts suitable for wedding favours?

Yes – particularly if your wedding has a countryside or alternative theme. Gifts such as our range of mini collectable world figurines are cute and affordable as well as being decorative and a nice memento of the day.

How are they packaged?

The packaging varies across our range. Most items will be individually packaged in either a plain card or decorative gift box. If they come with a decorative box it will be shown in the product photos. Some of the smaller collectable figures and trinkets come with multiple items per box as they are easier to display and sell without a box. We also have some items such as the mini fairies in a bag, that come in a countertop display which is perfect for attracting the young collectors with pocket money to spend.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Most are sold in singles, however, those that come packaged in a display box or multiple items to a box may have to be ordered in enforced quantities. These are usually the less expensive items so you don't have to spend loads even if you have to buy in enforcements.

What type of retailers stock these gifts?

As fairies are so popular, our gifts are stocked in a huge range of shops including general gift shops, New Age shops, science fiction and fantasy shops, florists, gardening centres and card shops.

Are they more popular at a certain time of year?

They are popular all year round but do particularly well in the spring and summer.

Where are the gifts sourced from?


Do all of your fairy gifts come boxed?

No not all of them come in gift boxes but most will come in a plain card box. If they come in a printed gift box it will be shown in the product images.

Why are these gifts so popular?

Fairies have been a staple of folklore in numerous countries for centuries and appear in a wide variety of literature, art and media, from Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, the Tooth Fairy or Ariel in Shakespeare's The Tempest. The mystery and magic that surrounds fairies make them ever popular with children and adults alike.

Who is the target market for these gifts?

Children and adults both have an interest, but some gifts, such as those which are easily breakable, are more suited to adults.

The collectable ranges such as the Natasha Faulkner range are particularly popular with adults.

Fans of fantasy, science fiction and spirituality are also a key target market for these gifts, particularly after the success of fantasy films such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Maleficent.

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