Jewellery Product Guide

What products are available in the wholesale jewellery range?

The wholesale jewellery range includes a wide variety of costume jewellery bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants.

What materials and designs do the pendants come in?

We stock a wide range of pendants, made from either pewter or glass. The pewter range includes designs such as: dragon, skull sword, celtic cross, fairy and unicorn, pentacle, owl and rock guitar.

Glass pendants are available in a variety of shapes, and feature a range of different colours and patterns. Aside from conventional shapes, we also stock glass snake shaped pendants.

We also have a range of gemstone necklaces available wholesale, which feature rose quartz, rock quartz, Amethyst, New Jade, Fluorite and Opalite.

Do the pendants come on a necklace?

Yes, most pendants come complete with a black cord necklace, measuring on average 44cms. The pewter fairy and unicorn range comes on a longer cord, measuring approx 70cm.

Pendants that don’t feature a black cord are the lizard design inlayed shell design, which is strung on a sturdy metal chain, and the blue and lime green glass pendants which feature multi beaded cords.

How are the pendants packaged?

Most pendants come in their own gift box, however some designs come attached to a hole-punched card, which can be hung from a display hook.

What types of bracelets are available in the Puckator range?

We have a comprehensive range of bracelets and wraps in the Puckator range to suit every possible need. The range features many different materials, colours and details. Examples of materials include: leather, cotton, shell, coconut, wood and beads.

How are the bracelets displayed?

All bracelets come with their own attractive display stands. The stands are wooden (with the exception of the lizard design bracelet, which is cardboard), and may need minimal assembly. All display stands are designed to sit on a counter top for easy access.

What types of rings are available in the Puckator range?

Puckator stock a popular range of Mood Rings, which change colour to reflect the mood of the wearer (the mood is sensed according to the temperature of the finger). We offer a wide range of mood rings, to suit all tastes, from simple bands of varying thickness to fun animal or nature inspired designs.

We also stock different collections of brightly coloured chunky glass fashion rings.

How are the rings displayed?

All rings come in a cardboard, counter top display box.

What age group is jewellery suitable for?

Jewellery carries a 3+ age recommendation, however they are more suited to a teenage, adult market due to the stylish nature of the designs.

Who would stock these products?

These products are best suited to retail outlets such as Fashion boutiques, gift shops and chemists.

What is the minimum and maximum order?

Mixed, most of it will be in singles but some items are sold in enforcements due to them coming in a display box.

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