Licensed Products Hints and Tips Guide - What to Choose and Why

Our product licensing guide is here to help you decided what to choose when it comes to our branded and licensed product range.  We continue to develop licensed partnerships so that we can bring you a unique and varied product range that your customers will love.

Are all your branded products fully licensed?

Yes, all the branded products we stock are fully licensed either directly with the artist or designer, or via their representative.

Can I use the licensed name?

Yes.  With some of our lines, there is not only a licensed name but also a design name that can be used to promote the range.  Lisa Parker is a good example of this, as a well-known fantasy artist her name is recognisable but all the designs she creates have a unique name as well.

Why should I choose these products?

Licensed products are a core range that we would recommend for any retail environment as people are passionate about their favourite brands and licenses, and once they know you stock them will keep coming back for more. 

What happens if it goes out of fashion?

The advantage of licensed products is that they are less likely to go out of fashion.  Once they have a strong following, even if they are related to an artist, movie or a book that has ended or moved in a new direction, there will always be new followers.

When we start a partnership with a licensed design or brand, we are looking for something with a long-term future that we can build and develop as the market grows.

How many products should I start with?

This all depends on the investment you want to make.  Licensed products are all about the visual, customers see them, recognise them and are then instantly attracted to them.  With our minimum order value of only £100 ex vat and most of our products available to buy in small quantities, you can get a good mix of products without breaking the bank.

How should I display these products?

As mentioned above, licensed products are visual sellers, customers need to see the products.  Make sure you display them in a prominent area of your shop, either in small groups or as a large collection. Creating a window display or placing them on shelves at eye level will make them easier for your customers to spot, and if you have smaller lines, having them on the sales counter will encourage impulse purchases.

If you are selling online, create a category for the range so that you can optimise them for search engines.  Keep the content relevant and up to date and make sure that if you are using a brand name that you have permission to do so.

How do I know if it will be a success?

Taking time to consider a new range is important, but as already mentioned, licensed products have instant recognition and collector draw so have a good chance of being successful.  Make sure that your customer demographic will suit the new product range and trying a small selection first is always a good way to judge whether a new range will sell.

Who do these products appeal to?

Everyone, young, old, male and female.  People are passionate about the way they follow and collect their favourite licensed products and brands.

What type of products suit have licensed designs or brands at Puckator?

We have licensed and branded designs on products right across our range from bamboo travel mugs to keyrings, aprons to cool bags.  We offer a real mix of products that will suit lots of different retailers.

What licenses and partners does Puckator currently work with?

Below you will find some of our top-selling licensed ranges.  You can find these and more in our Collections and Brands category now.

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