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Mugs from Puckator UKWhat makes products in this section so popular?

Nations were built on the drinking of tea and coffee, so our wholesale mugs are a natural top seller, whether your customers are buying for presents, home décor or simply a souvenir of their favourite holiday moments. With the rise of coffee drinking and tea rooms, mugs are a must-buy for retailers and customers alike. With our vast collection of styles and designs to choose from, we've got all types of retailer covered.

Suitable for almost any kind of outlet, from museums, historical sites and souvenir shops to card shops and general gift retailers, mugs are a sure-fire item to sell well. We use artists including Lisa Parker, Jan Pashley and Kim Haskins as well as our own in-house designers and licensed themes to ensure all our mug designs use high-quality images and give the retailer original and exciting product lines.

Who buys them?

All kinds of customers through a cross-section of age and gender.

What kind of retailers should stock these products?

A key homeware item, mugs fit well into a large range of retail spots. Our wholesale gothic, angel and fairy mugs are particularly well suited for new-age spiritual shops while the wolf and unicorn designs sell well both there and in more mainstream fashion shops, due to increasing demand for these kinds of images in the youth market.

Tourist attractions such as landmarks, historical sites and museum gift shops do particularly well with our souvenir-themed mugs. We also sell a range of animal and tropical designs that are suited to wildlife-themed attractions like zoos, farm parks and garden centres. Alongside these run our huge range of generalist themes from florals to beach designs, or those depicting popular hobbies like cycling and baking – these are consistent sellers in virtually any retailer from card shops to lifestyle stores and everything in between.

How well do these products sell?

Mugs make ideal gifts both between friends, colleagues and inter-generationally, so there's a market for sales all year round. They are some of the most popular products on our site due to their versatility and sell consistently well across all sectors of retail.

What are they made from?

Porcelain, sometimes also referred to as new bone china, is a high quality fine ceramic that is perfect for use with mugs.  The fine quality of the material means it produces a high-quality mug that can be used in the dishwasher and microwave.  Neither porcelain or new bone china contain any bone.

Our shaped range of mugs is made from dolomite ceramic.  Dolomite is not as fine as porcelain but is good for moulding and shaping unusual shapes.  As with porcelain, it is food safe but is not microwave or dishwasher safe.

We also stock a range of bamboo travel mugs that are made from a composite material.  It contains 60% bamboo, 35% melamine and 5% cornstarch.  Melamine is a binding agent and is BPA and phthalate-free.

Do you need a certificate to sell any of these products?

No, there is nothing prohibiting the sales of mugs. We would of course advise supervision of smaller children with hot drinks, but most customers will already be aware of this.

Are these products affected by seasonal sales?

Mugs are a popular item all year round, being a common impulse or opportunistic purchase. Peaks can occur around Mother's Day and Father's Day, as well as during the autumn and winter when people are cosying up with more hot drinks, and around Christmas, when they are often purchased as Secret Santa gifts.

How are they packed?

Most of our mugs will come packaged with protective padding to protect from chips and cracks. Some will come in boxes individually or in bulk.

What happens if my mug cracks the first time I use it?

Occasionally as part of the moulding or building process air bubbles can get trapped in clay.  When that product is used for the first time with hot water or liquid the air trapped in the fired clay expands causing the mug to crack.  This can happen with any ceramic or glass item when heat is applied and there is no way to tell when it will happen.  It is a very rare occurrence and most products are absolutely fine.  If this does happen contact our customer services team to organise a credit or replacement.

What if my items arrive damaged?

We take care to ensure our packaging protects your order from any damage but we can't prevent every eventuality. If your goods are damaged in transit, just drop us a line at within 14 days of delivery with your order details and we will arrange returns.

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