Myth & Magic Product Guide

OB347 Cauldron Oil Burner from Puckator UKWhat makes these products so popular?

Films and books such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have meant that magic-related gifts have grown in popularity. This category of wholesale gifts heavily features the work of designer Lisa Parker, who combines magical themes with popular animals such as cats and owls.  The decorative designs and universal appeal make this collection a top seller and one that we will continue to feature for many years. 

Our myth and magic collection also features wizard and witch-themed items, tree man gifts and pentagram collectables, as well as items from our incense and aromatherapy range.

Who are they popular with?

Popular with all age groups, these products sell well in new age gift shops, boutiques and mineral stone stores. These products appeal to both men and women and make great Halloween decorations or party favours.

How well do they sell?

This is a strong selling collection of wholesale gifts and thanks to the popularity of magic and witchcraft in popular culture, these products are no longer a niche market. Seasonally, the solstices and Halloween see a peak in sales.

Certification and licensing.

All of our products are either designed by our own design team or purchased from licensed suppliers.  There is no certification or licenses required to sell this range.

How are these products packaged?

Most products come packaged individually.  Some will also come with a decorative gift box that has been themed to match the product inside adding visual appeal when displaying in-store as well as impact when given as a gift.   The gift boxes also add to the entry-level collectors market and make them a must-have.

Storage and display information.

Larger items are packed individually, smaller might be in display boxes or enforced quantities.  As with individually boxed items, the card display units will be themed to the products they hold making them ideal for countertops and eye level shelving.  Lisa Parker works closely with our design team and her style is world-renowned.

Related products and categories.

There are many products and ranges that fit well with this category, but below you will find links to a few of our top sellers that we recommend you browsing.

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