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Nail Accessories Product Guide

What items are available in the Nail Accessory Range?

The range includes: individual nail files, matchbooks containing smaller nail files, emery boards, clippers, nail stickers and manicure kits all available at our great wholesale prices.

How can these products be displayed?

Nail files are displayed in a clear countertop display box, which allows each design to be clearly viewed.

Matchbooks and all other nail accessories are displayed in attractive cardboard counter top display boxes, featuring designs that complement the individual products inside.

How big is a matchbook and how many nail files do you get inside?

The standard size for each matchbook is 6 x 5.5 x 0.5 cms. There are six individual 4cm long nail files inside each box. A small number of matchbooks are slightly bigger than this. Check the product specifications to clarify.

What is inside the manicure kits?

Larger kits contain nail clippers, nail scissors, tweezers, nail file and manicure tool. Smaller kits simply contain nail scissors and clippers.

What design collections are included in the range?

This range features collections from Lauren Billingham, Laura Bell, Jan Pashley, Ted Smith. The designs like chouko come from all the design team at Puckator.

Are these products available in themes?

Whilst not necessarily in a range from one particular designer, we stock many coordinating items that look great together, such as the Union Jack Glitter Nail Stickers and the Union Jack manicure Set.

Many of the nail accessories come in distinctive prints (such as the above mentioned Union Jack design) that co-ordinate with other beauty accessories. These ranges include, Moustache, British Birds, Buttons, Chintzy and Cute Animal designs.

What age group are the products aimed at?

These products carry a warning stating that they aren’t suitable for under threes.

They are aimed mainly at the teenage and adult market, especially the manicure kits which contain scissors and sharp objects.

What are nail stickers and who are they aimed at?

Nail stickers are applied directly onto the nails and instantly have the same effect as a set of intricately painted nails. Fun designs, such as the Union Jack range are aimed at the teenage market or for novelty use. They are easily removable, which makes them ideal for parties or for one off use. They are easy to use and come complete with detailed instructions. Alternatively, they can also be used as stickers to decorate books and stationery.

What type of retailer would stock these products?

Suitable for sale in Chemists, fashion and gift stores. The small, accessible packaging makes them ideal for displaying on cash desks for spontaneous purchases.

What is the minimum and maximum order amounts, and can the styles be mixed and matched?

Most products will have mixed designs available under each code like the matchbooks. Minimum order tends to be a display on these products such as 24 or 48 and within those quantities you will get a mix. You cannot choose the mix that you get but generally it will be an even mix between the designs available.

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