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Solar Pals Product Guide

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What are Solar Pals?

Novelty toys that move or dance when you shine light on them. Similar toys have been popular for many years, the dancing flower pop being the original favourite. Recently there's been a revival in the popularity of these collectable products.

What are they made of?

They're made of plastic with a small built in solar panel on the base, either on the back or front.

What light will make them work?

Any kind of light will make the solar panel work, whether it be natural sunlight or artificial light but it'll work best in natural light. The stronger the light the faster the solar pal will move.

Do they require batteries?

No, the integral solar unit does not require any batteries to work as it is exclusively solar powered.

Will the solar panel slow down or stop working at any point?

Solar panels don't "run out" in the same way that a household battery will. They react to the amount of light they are exposed to, so in full sunlight the Solar Pal will work at maximum capacity and in a dimmer light it will move less.

Technically a solar panel can slow over time but this won't start to happen for approximately twenty years

How many different styles are there?

We have over fifty styles available in our wholesale range about any time and often introduce new styles for special occasions or for seasonal trends, for example we have rabbits and ducks available for Easter, a skeleton design for Halloween and a Christmas range.

The classic flower pot style is available in lots of different designs where both the flower pot itself and the flower are varied. Some of these are location specific for example our Ted Smith London Bus Solar Pal which goes well with the rest of our London range. We also have some novelty designs of personalities and celebrities. Our Queen and Mr Bean Solar Pals are two of our top sellers.

We're constantly creating new designs in house so check back regularly for updates.

Who do they appeal to?

They are popular with children, especially the seasonal themed Pals such as the Christmas, Easter and Halloween Pals, but kids will love any of the designs. The London themed Solar Pals (the Queen and Guardsmen) make popular souvenirs for adults and the nature inspired range, including the classic Sunflower Solar Pal, is also popular with adults as gifts for the home. People like to decorate their dashboards with them too.

How well do they sell?

This range is our top selling range, so the answer is very, very well – they're consistently popular. In part, the success of these products lies in the fact that they fit in a wide range of retail environments.

Is there any relevant safety information?

They are not suitable for children under 6 years old due to small parts. This item is not a toy.

Do they sell better at any time of year?

All of our Pals sell really well all year round. The FF0 range of flower and nature inspired Pals are good core sellers as they are easily recognisable as the Solar Pal design.

Some of our designs are based around seasonal trends so certain designs will sell better at certain times of year, for example the Santa Claus Solar Pals will sell better in the run up to Christmas.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there's no minimum order, however you don't have to order many more to get the middle price discount so it's worth ordering a few of each design to get a better price.

Are any of the designs exclusive to Puckator?

Some of our Solar Pals are designed in house and are exclusive Puckator designs. These include our Jan Pashley Seagull Seaside Solar Pal and the Cute Owl Ted Smith Solar Pal.

The Dancing Queen Solar Pal is our most popular design and is exclusively designed by Puckator and the Dancing Queen works well when sold alongside the Novelty Guardsman Solar Pal, another Puckator design.

Other designs created by Puckator include the Novelty Leprechaun Solar Pal, ideal for St Patrick's Day and the Mr Bean Solar Pal which is a licensed design and is our fifth best-selling Solar Pal.

All of the above products we design can be sold worldwide.

Please note that not all solar pals are licensed for sale worldwide. Some are only licensed for sale to the UK and Europe. These are indicated on the product description – any orders of these products to the USA will be automatically removed from the order and refunded.

How are they packaged?

They come individually packaged in a bespoke packaging making them easy to display. They are wrapped in clear plastic bubble packaging.

How can they be displayed?

The best way to sell them is in the window so they can get moving.

How big are they?

Approximately 10(h)x7.5(w)x6(d). Some are bigger than others but they are all small enough to display and without taking up too much room in your stockroom.

Can you make much profit on them?

Yes, they are a popular line and you can sell them in volume, plus our prices are really competitive.

What types of retailers sell them?

They sell well everywhere including markets stalls, department stores, small gift shops, cafes, garden centres and florists. They are instantly recognisable, fun for all ages and with the variety available there is something for everyone.

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