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Stationery Product Guide

What makes products in this section so popular?

Stationery and office products are so versatile and this category offers an eclectic mix of products. In addition to pens, pencils and notebooks, we also include all our desktop ranges, such as crafting supplies, executive toys, and bookends. So if you are looking for inspiring wholesale gift ideas for your shop, especially for the difficult men's gift area, make sure you keep checking our wholesale office stationery category or sign up to our newsletter for all the latest product news.

Who buys them?

Our wholesale stationery section features many products to appeal to the younger (and young at heart) customer, with stationery gift packs, pencil toppers and mini notepads all incorporating the latest gift themes at great trade prices. Crafting is increasingly popular among children and women of all ages, inspired by Kirstie Allsopp's ‘Homemade' series of TV shows and the revival of traditional home-making activities.

Are these products affected by seasonal sales?

With the variety of products available there is some seasonal sales variation, but this tends to be with the smaller items that sell well during April to October. Peaks can occur around popular gifting times like Mother's and Father's Days, and Christmas. Crafting accessories sell well consistently throughout the year, but may swell after airings of homemaking-themed TV programmes, and especially towards the school holidays when customers are trying new activities with their children. Sales of stationery supplies also increase towards the end of August with the return to school.

Do you need a certificate to sell any of these products?

No. We would however advise that many of our craft accessories feature small parts like buttons and pegs, so aren't suitable for children under 3.

How are they packed?

Since stationery goods are typically small, many of the items within this range come in display boxes ideal for on shelves and counters. They are bright and colourful and make the products inside them stand out and sell themselves.

What if my items arrive damaged?

We take care to ensure our packaging protects your order from any damage but we can't prevent every eventuality. If your goods are damaged in transit, just drop us a line at within 14 days of delivery with your order details and we will arrange returns.

Do you sell Christmas themed stationery?

Yes, we sell Christmas themed wrapping paper, tags and gift wraps like our Jan Pashley Gift Wrap complete with tags and gift bags like our Christmas Owl Design Gift Bag. We also sell Christmas themed pocket tissues.

Does it come in sets?

We sell stationery sets as well as individual novelty pens, like our owl sharpener and eraser set and our little pirate 4 piece set which includes a ruler, sharpener, pencil and skull shaped rubber.

Do stationery products sell well as gifts?

Yes, stationery sells very well as a gift and is particular popular with children. They are also great fillers for party bags.

Do you sell angel themed stationary?

Though we don't sell angel themed stationery at present we do have a wide range of cherub products.

Are the bookmarks laminated?

Since the majority of our bookmarks are 3D, they are not laminated as such. Instead they are covered in a textured plastic which delivers the 3D effect.

Are the air fresheners intended for cars?

Though they're often used in cars they can be used anywhere the consumer likes. They are often used in small spaces (like small airing cupboards or utility rooms) to give them a fresh scent or in bathrooms. Take a look at our air freshener product guide if you want to find out more.

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