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Toys Product Guide

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What products are available in the Puckator toys range?

The Puckator Toys wholesale range includes a selection of children's jewellery and mood rings, stickers and tattoos, sand animals, windmills and wind spinners and a selection of novelty, pocket money style toys.

What jewellery is included in the children's range?

We stock a range of mood rings that change colour according to body temperature. Popular children's themes, such as fairies, pirates, robots and animals feature heavily throughout this range, with designs incorporated into pendants, bracelets, rings and hair brushes.

What does the glow in the dark range include?

Wholesale glow in the dark toys, include glow-sticks, animals, dinosaurs and stars, not to mention the novelty Bouncy Alien head and maggots! The Glow in the Dark dino dig out kit also makes a great gift idea.

What are novelty toys?

Wholesale novelty toys, sometimes known as ‘pocket money toys' are small, inexpensive toys that are ideal for party bags and stocking fillers. Puckator stocks a comprehensive range of novelty toys, with everything from bouncing rubber eggs to dinosaur skeleton excavation kits!

What does the stickers and tattoos range include?

We stock a wide range of temporary tattoos to suit both boys and girls. Aside from body art inspired designs, we also stock packs of gruesome ‘blood and cut' tattoos, which are ideal for Halloween or fancy dress use. Stickers range from fun, childish designs to stylish cork stickers, which are ideal for craft projects. We also offer a selection of soft sticker books, featuring ‘dress your own princess' sticker scenes. All stickers come in cardboard hanging packets with a clear plastic sleeve, which allows the product to be clearly viewed. The stickers scenes and finger tattoos come with coordinating cardboard display boxes.

What are Sand Animals?

Sand animals are fun soft collectables, which, as the name suggests, are filled with fine grade, washed sand. Sand animals come in many different varieties, including dragons, farm and zoo animals, butterflies, sea creatures and reptiles. They are all made from wipe clean synthetic material and decorated with glitter and metallic patterns. Due to the nature of the sand filling, they are ideal for use as paperweights. We also offer some of the smaller sand animal designs as keyrings.

What windmills and wind spinners are available in the Puckator range?

Puckator stock a colourful range of windmills and wind spinners, in designs including bright flowers and fun animals riding bikes. Wind accessories are a great way to brighten up a garden, or to decorate for an outdoor event. All wind accessories are made from plastic and fabric, and with the exception of the owl windsock (which hangs from threads), they are all connected to a stick which is designed to poke into the ground.

What retailers would stock the wholesale toys range?

This range is ideal for card and gift shops, chemists, general stores, toy and party retailers. Many products would also make great additions to garden centres and museum gift shops.

What is the minimum and Maximum order on toys, and can the styles be mixed and matched?

Most of our toy ranges come in card counter top display boxes which make them even more appealing to children of all ages. As they come in these displays the order quantity will be enforced to match, however these quantities will still be small, e.g. 12, 24 or 48, so you don't have to spend a lot to get a good mix of products.

?If products don't come in a display they will generally be on a hang pack or come in a cellophane packaging to keep them clean while you display them in your store.

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