Wholesale Guide to Buying and Selling Sleeping Masks and Eye Masks

What types of wholesale sleeping masks and eye mask do you sell?

We stock both plush fabric sleep masks and gel eye masks.  Both come with instructions on how to use them on the product packaging.

Eye masks are an expanding range and there will be new designs arriving over the next year including sleep masks with integrated travel pillows.

Take a look at some of our current collections which also show coming soon dates for new designs.

Can I wear them while I sleep?

It depends on the type you are using.  Fabric eye masks are suitable for sleeping and can be used to block out the light when at home or travelling. 

Gel eye masks are only to be used for relaxation and not designed to be slept in.

What are they made from?

The fabric range is made from polyester, while the gel lines are made from beads in a BPA free plastic holder.  Both have an elastic strap.

Are they safe?

Yes, but they are not recommended for young children.  The beaded range that can be cooled or warmed up come with safety information relating to use.

Can children use them?

Although they are appealing to children our eye masks are not toys and not recommended for children.

What size are they?

The product size of any of our lines is found on the individual product page online. 

The size of the masks varies depending on the design.  The elastic that holds the mask in place while wearing stretches to fit the wearer.

How do I heat or cool them?

Our plush fabric collection are not designed to be heated or cooled, they are just for use when sleeping. 

Our gel range comes with full product information that gives detailed instructions on how to warm or cool the product. 

Cooling is done in the fridge/freezer and warming in the microwave.  Please remember to read the instructions carefully and keep them for future reference.

What are the suggested benefits?

Sleep masks are primarily designed to block out light so are good for sleepers who are sensitive to light or shift workers who need to sleep during the day.  They are also beneficial when travelling as they can help to relax and block our distraction.  Some people find them useful to reach a deeper more restful sleep.

Gel eye masks are not designed for sleeping but for relaxation, however many of the benefits are the same as sleep masks.  They aid relaxation and reduce distraction, and with the added benefit of being able to be cooled or heated, can reduce stress and help to relieve headaches and the pressures of the day.

What other products would you recommend to go alongside this collection?

Sleeping and eye masks go hand in hand with many of our beauty lines.  Below are a few suggested ranges to explore that will complement this collection.

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