Buying Guide for Warmers, Cooling Products, Heat Packs & Hot Water Bottles

Heat Packs from Puckator UKWhat types of product will in find in this range?

We stock a range of microwavable heat packs, gel eye masks and hot water bottles that will help you relax, and can also keep you warm on cold winter evenings, or cool on hot summer days.

What are these products used for?

These products are designed to help relax and stay calm, as well as keeping you cosy or cool.  They can be used in meditation or at night to relax when drifting off to sleep. 

What materials are they made from?

Our hot water bottles are made from rubber and come in different sizes.  They have a plush or fabric cover so that the heat is evenly spread and not directly against the body.

Heat packs come in two parts, a cotton bag filled with lavender and wheat seeds that can be cooled or heated, and an outer cover that is normally a soft plush cover.

The gel eye masks are made from a plastic outer, with gel beads inside and an elastic band.

Are they safe?

Yes, as long as they are used properly and the instructions followed carefully they are safe to use.

Do they come with instructions?

Yes, all come with full instructions on how to use safely, please read them carefully and retain the packaging for future reference.

What warnings and information should I advise my customers?

Full use and warning information can be found in multiple languages on the product and packaging.  Advice your customer to read this carefully before use.

What is the recommended age for these products?

These products are not toys so are not recommended for young children under 3.  Some products may have specific age recommendations which are detailed on the packaging and in the product description.

Are there any circumstances when they shouldn't be used?

Our heat packs contain wheat and lavender seeds which may cause irritation or an allergic reaction.  Pregnant women or those with skin conditions or on medication should consult with their doctor before using them.

Do they require any certification?

Certification is not required to sell these products, but with any product that comes into contact with the skin or that may cause a reaction, they must conform to certain standards.  These are specific to each type of product and are detailed on the packaging and in the description of the product.  If you require further information on these standards please contact our customer service team.

What is the best time of year to sell them?

They sell well all year round but most people tend to use them in the colder months so Autumn and Winter is a good time of year to sell them.  Making customers aware that some of them can be used for cooling is a good marketing trick as customers won't always think to use them that way and it extends the selling season into the spring and summer.

Are they toys?

No.  They are not toys and even though they are cute and cuddly they are not recommended for children.

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