Wax Melts & Tart Burner Product Buying Guide

Wax Melts from Puckator UKHow does a tart or wax burner differ from a normal oil burner?

Tart or wax burners are very similar to oil burners.  The difference between them comes down to size and the way the products respond to heat.  

Wax melts are obviously solid when cool and liquid when hot so tart burners often have a larger dish to hold the melted wax.  Always make sure your dish size is suitable for the wax when melted.  Wax also gets hotter more quickly and can take longer to cool and solidify.  Wax burners are often larger than oil burners so that the distance between the top of the flame when lit and the melting dish is greater.  That means the wax heats more slowly and evenly.

There are also electric wax melt burners that heat the wax from the heat of an electric bulb.

What types of tart burner do you sell?

We have both candle and electric aroma lamps.  The standard tart burners use a tea light, whereas the electric burners have a small bulb inside that heats the wax in a dish. 

How do electric wax burners work?

Each aroma lamp or electric wax burner comes with a bulb and dish inside a decorative plastic or glass outer.  The heat from the bulb melts the wax to release the fragrance.  Our aroma burners have multiple settings and all our tart burners come with instructions and safety information, please read before use.

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are small shapes, often disks or spheres, of solidified wax that has been enhanced with oils or botanicals, that when melted in an appropriate burner, fills your home with fragrance.

How long does the fragrance last from a wax melt?

Each wax melt can be reheated several times and the fragrance normally lasts about 20 hours.  Once the fragrance has evaporated let the wax solidify then remove and dispose of in the normal waste.

Can I use fragrance oils in a tart burner?

It depends on the type of burner you have.  Our tea light tart burners are all suitable for use with water and a few drops of oil, our electric aroma burners are only for use with wax melts.

What size tea light should I use in these products?

You should always use a standard 4cm tea light in an oil or wax burner unless it recommends using a smaller one.  Always use a good quality tea light.

Is it ok to use wax melts in an oil burner?

Our range of tea light tart burners is suitable for use with both water and oils or wax melts.  Not all of our oil burners are suitable for use with both but it is clearly stated in the name, description and product labelling.  These recommendations are based on the height and dish size of the oil burner.

Does soya wax make a difference?

Soya, or sometimes called soy wax, is a renewable natural wax that burns slowly to give a strong and clean fragrance.  It can also be disposed of in the normal household waste.

What are the best selling fragrances?

All of them sell well, but fragrances such as lavender, citrus and floral do very well.

Who buys these products?

With more and more people using home aromatherapy products the market for these gifts has grown.  All age groups buy these from young adults upwards.  They are not suitable for children.

Are there seasonal sales fluctuations?

Wax melts and burners are a strong seller all year but there are seasonal spikes with festive fragrances at Christmas.

Why should I buy wax melts from you instead of another supplier?

There are lots of reasons to purchase from Puckator, not just our competitive prices, great customer service and easy to use website!  Our wax melts are handcrafted in the UK from only the finest ethically sourced materials.  They are palm oil-free, vegan and come in a fantastic range of fragrances.  They also come in plastic-free decorative packaging to complete the look.  

What retail outlets do they sell well in?

This range works well in lots of retail outlets including new age and spiritual stores, as well as chemist, aromatherapy outlets, gift shops, florists, home stores and more.  They are decorative as well as being practical so will look and smell good.

How can I optimise interest in these products?

Research these products in a guide like this, or use them yourself so you get an understanding of how they melt and smell.  Then you can speak to your customers with confidence about the range, and give them ideas on how to use them at home.

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