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Wholesale Fragrance Oil and Tea Light Burners from Puckator UKWhat are fragrance oil and tea light burners?

Wholesale fragrance oil burners. also known as tea light burners, are heating devices used to diffuse fragrance oils.  A few drops of oil are added to water in the diffusing dish and heated by a tea light candle.

How do they differ from tart or wax melt burners?

Tart burners can be used with wax tarts, granules or wax melts. Some tart burners are electric or battery operated and are specific to wax melts. The difference between tart and oil burners is the size of the dish that holds the wax and also the height between the candle and the dish.

Wax melts and tarts come in a solid form so the dish needs to be big enough to take the wax when melted. Wax also gets hotter than fragrance oils and water so the distance between the top of the candle and the melting dish above needs to be greater so that the wax or tart melts gradually and does not get too hot.

What can they be used for?

They are used for burning fragrance oils and shouldn’t be used for burning other materials like wax melts or tarts unless they state otherwise on the packaging or label.

Can oil burners be used with tarts?

Tarts are wickless candles that can be burnt in a similar way to essentials oils to give off a pleasant fragrance.

Like fragrance oils, you simply need to ensure that there is enough space between the flame and the tart to ensure it doesn’t start bubbling up or burning. Plenty of sites say that using tarts with oil burners will work fine, but the safety information that comes with our oil burners says they are not recommended for wax melts/tarts or granules.

What are they made from?

The majority of our oil burners are made of ceramic as indicated in the name of the product. Some of our products are made of resin or metal and come with a glass dish which holds the diluted oil as it burns.

How do oil burners work?

Oil burners heat water and fragrance oils causing the fragrance to diffuse throughout a space and scent a room as the mixture warms up. All the oil burners we sell require a tea light to be placed in the body of the burner to heat the fragrance oil.

How do I use an oil burner?

Fragrance oils must be diluted in water before being used with a burner – only a few drops of fragrance oils are needed. This will ensure the oil doesn’t burn or give off smoke and means you use less oil per burning session. The amount of water to oil depends on the size of the bowl or cup that the oil will go in, but generally, it’s best to fill the cup two-thirds full and add around ten drops of the fragrance oil. Obviously you can add more or try less oil next time depending on your personal preference; these are just some guidelines.

It’s best to fill the cup with water first and then add the oil so that it can sit on top. Then light a tea light candle and put it in the opening underneath the cup. Make sure that the flame isn’t too close to the cup as this can cause fast evaporation of the water and oil which can then lead to the burner shattering.

How hot will oil burners get?

Oil burners can get hot but it depends on the size of the candle and the size of the oil burner. It’s best to let the burner cool before handling and make sure they are used on a heatproof surface.

Are they safe?

Since oil burners involve heat and a flame there are some potential safety issues. When burnt correctly there’s no reason why using an oil burner should be unsafe, but you should provide safety instructions when selling these products. These are provided with the burners that we sell. An oil burner should never be left unattended.

Do I need to issue any safety guidelines when I sell this product?

Yes. Each oil burner comes with safety information for use, which should be read in full before the product is used. These should be issued to the customer when you sell the product.

Safety Directions: Never leave a burning candle unattended and always place the oil burner on a suitable, flat, non-flammable surface. Always allow the product to cool fully before handling after use. Never light in a drafty area or near fabrics or curtains.

Do I need to have any special safety certification to sell oil burners?


How much oil should I put in an oil burner?

Between six to ten drops when accompanied by water, though this can vary depending on the strength of the oil, the size of the cup, the size of the room you are diffusing in and personal preference.

Can I use any type of candle?

You should use a tea light candle with a metal sleeve. A larger candle will overheat the oil causing it to smoke. It can also end up evaporating the water very quickly which puts the burner at risk of shattering. A good quality standard tea light candle will ensure an even heat.

What kind of profit can be made on oil burners?

Our oil burners vary in price but most of them are inexpensive and look great so are easily marketed and sold. Our burners are a very quick selling product line. With a lot of our lower-priced smaller items the profit per item is less, but you can sell them in high numbers so it evens out.

Do they sell better at any time of year?

Oil burners are excellent sellers all year round. Plus there are not many other companies in the UK and Europe that import them so we can offer a great variety and great prices.

What products sell well with oil burners?

Our wholesale fragrance oils are the obvious product range to stock alongside oil burners. Associated aromatherapy products also sell well with oil burners as well as incense products.

Do oil burners need cleaning?

It’s a good idea to wipe down your burner after each use to avoid residue oil being left on the burner which could contaminate the oil you use next time. There are various different recommendations for cleaning your burner if residue has built up over time including using hot water to scrub it off or using household cleaning products.

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