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Fragrance Oils Product Guide

Fragrance Oils Product Information Page

What are fragrance oils and how are they used?

Fragrance oils are perfumed oils used to cover bad odours or to make a room smell pleasant. They are made from essential oils and other ingredients but are different to essential oils. You must only burn fragrance oils with water in an appropriate burner. You’ll only need a couple of drops of fragrance oil to get a nice smell.

What types of burners are suitable for burning fragrance oils?

Oils should only be burnt in oil burners, lamp bulb ring diffusers or via reed diffusers. It is safe to apply to dried flowers or pot pourri to refresh the fragrance.

What products do they sell well with?

Obviously oil burners. They also fit nicely next to incense and incense burners and candles.

Do I need to issue any safety recommendations when selling them?

No, you are under no obligation to issue safety recommendations.

What ingredients are in fragrance oils?

Ingredients vary according to each fragrance but a lot of the oils we sell have Ppg-2 Methyl Ether as a base, which is then perfumed with a specific flavour.

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Can I use fragrance oils to make candles?

Lots of people prefer to use fragrance oils instead of essential oils when making candles because they can offer a more potent smell. Make sure that the fragrance oils you are using are EU compliant as that means they will be free of harmful phthalates and should be safe to use.

Can I use fragrance oils when I'm pregnant?

The only recorded problems with essential oils and fragrance oils during pregnancy have been when women have drank the oils. Since no one would recommend this in any circumstances you should be safe to use fragrance oils during pregnancy, though a lot of pregnant women experience a heightened sense of smell, so you may want to dilute the oil more than usual. If you are unsure, check with a doctor before use. Find out more in this article.

Can I use fragrance oils in my diffuser?

It depends what type of diffuser. If you are using a reed diffuser then fragrance oils are often not suitable as they are too thick to properly travel up the reed.

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