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Magical Gift Shops

A Journey Through...
The Most Magical Gift Shops
In The World

"Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." - C.S. Lewis

The Pirate Supply Store, San Francisco


"If the deck is salty there will be lashings."

Run by a ragtag crew of miscreants, the Pirate Supply Store is one of the few places that pirates will venture on to dry land for, though don't expect the staff to be interested in your customer needs.

The famous, quick-active Scurvy Begone, sold exclusively at the Pirate Supply Store and traded ferociously on the black market, is rumoured to use Blackbeard's original recipe and is the only treatment trusted by the most villainous of swashbucklers.

Visit here to get the highest quality hooks, essential Belly of the Whale Escape Kit and a handy Treasure Shining Kit. For serious pirates only, venture into the backroom to tell your most incredible pirate adventure stories and hear some legendary tales in return.

Click here to read Blackbeard's guide to becoming a feared pirate!

T-Rex, Kansas City


"Are you ready for a prehistoric adventure?"

For palaeontologists and dino enthusiasts everywhere, T-Rex is the place to unearth the secrets of the past and immerse yourself in a prehistoric world where dinosaurs ruled the earth. Enormous animatronic creatures immediately transport you back in time as you shop literally inside the ribcage of a dinosaur fossil, under a blanket of stars and amazing sculptures of planets.

Once you've created your own dinosaur at Build-A-Dino in the gift shop, go and dig for fossils in the Discovery Dig and pan for precious stones and gems in the mine at Discovery Creek. Just make sure you don't get eaten along the way.

Click here to read about the Titanosaurs!

Grimm & Co, Rotherham


"Occasionally our magical friends forget to put on their human disguises before entering the shop."

Grimm & Co is an apothecary for magical beings (witches, wizards, leprechauns and all other beings of the magical persuasion). The apothecary was created in 1148 (just before lunchtime) by Graham Grimm who was the seventh son of a seventh son.

Graham created the apothecary following an encounter with a magical being who advised him that they had nowhere to go for their wares and that in addition to 'ready-made potions' and other items they would benefit from, they acquired their energy and fuel from stories!

You can pop in to the apothecary to pick up some Happily-Ever-After, a giant belly button cleaner, a brand new wand or some Suspension of Disbelief.

Click here to read about the history of wands!

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company, Brooklyn


"If we don't have it, a superhero doesn't need it."

The customers look like ordinary people in the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company - that's because real superheroes have the best disguises. Maybe you've just discovered your superhero power, or perhaps you're just looking for a new career? Join the superhero veterans at the SSC and pick up the Supehero Starter Kit to jumpstart your emergence as the next saviour of the universe.

For old timers, stock up on a new cape, grappling hook or space blaster, or explore new powers like Invisibility, X-ray Vision or Doom & Gloom, all packaged in a handy can for easy storage. If you're a superhero spotter hoping to bump into a star, this is one of the best stops in the galaxy - just don't be too obvious, there's nothing more embarrassing for a superhero than having their secret identity exposed.

Oh, and if you really want to get to know the secrets of this place, try and find the rumoured secret door.

Click here to read about the coolest superheroes you've never heard of!

Le Manoir de Paris, Paris


"Dare you enter the scariest mansion in Paris?"

Guarded by a ferocious dragon, once you're inside Le Manoir de Paris the fire-breathing beast will be the least of your worries. This building is full to the brim of monsters of all kind (who have probably popped over the channel from Hoxton Street). Before heading to their spectacular gift shop, discover what horrors lie in the shadows of the City of Light by taking an interactive tour of the mansion, where your journey will end in the infamous Asylum. The gift shop is full of scary delights including skull goblets (we're sure they're not made from actual humans), terrifying dragon figurines and Halloween essentials.

Click here to find out how dragons breathe fire!

Fairy Shop, Ibiza


"A magical haven of refuge for fairies, a door to an enchanted world"

Even fairies need holidays, and the number one sunny spot for fairies all over the world is Ibiza, not because of the sea and sand, but to visit the enchanted Fairy Shop. Despite being non-magical, most humans can sense something unusual going on, which is no surprise since this shop has several doors to the land of Faerie. As well as selling fairy jewellery, it also sells rhinestones and natural gems jam-packed with magical properties. This is favourite hang-out for international fairies to top up on their fairy dust and meet up with old friends. Visit the toadstool garden for a sit down and you'll probably meet a new fairy friend of your own.

Click here to read about the Cottingley Fairies

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, London


"This has been my store of choice for almost 200 years."

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies was established in 1818, though the exact details of why, and by whom, have tragically been lost to history. It has been serving monsters of every kind for centuries so, whether you're a vampire, werewolf, Sasquatch or something else entirely, they have everything you need. Bespoke and everyday items for the living, dead and undead, available products include fang floss, a range of children's tinned fear, cubed earwax, werewolf biscuits and zombie fresh mints, which are the perfect relief after a heavy night of gorging on human brains. We recommend you visit in the day time, it can get a bit hairy later on.

Click here to find out what you need in your vampire repelling kit

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