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Candles, Tealight & Candle Holders Product Guide

Are they safe?

Safety is very important to us, to find out more about our Candle and Oil Burner Safety recommendations click here.

Since burning candles involve heat and a flame there are some potential safety issues. When burnt correctly there's no reason why they should be unsafe, but you should provide safety instructions when selling these products. These are provided with the candles and tealight holders that we sell. A burning candle should never be left unattended, and care should be taken with hot wax.

What candles can I use for my candle holders?

Many of our wholesale products are tealight holders or lanterns, and these fit a standard tealight candle. Bigger candles will not fit safely into the holder area, and will give off too much heat to use the holders and lanterns safely.

Can I use them with other items?

No – they are used for burning candles and tealights, and shouldn't be used for burning other materials like fragrance oils, wax melts, granules or tarts.

What are they made of?

All our candle holders are made from a variety of materials and finishes with glass, metal and resin products available.

How hot will a candle holder get?

Metal tealight holders can get very hot, due to the heat-conductive properties of metal. Glass holders may also become hot. Our ceramic holders are more insulating so should remain cooler. It's always best to allow the candle and holder to cool completely before handling or moving it. All candles and holders should be placed on a heatproof surface when burning, to prevent heat damage to unprotected surfaces.

Do I need to issue any safety guidelines when I sell this product?

Yes. Each candle and holder comes with safety information for use which should be read in full before the product is used. These should be issued to the customer when you sell the product.

Safety Directions: Never leave a burning candle unattended and always place the candle holder on a suitable, flat, non-flammable surface away from drafts. Always allow the product to cool fully before handling after use.

Do candle holders need cleaning?

Yes, but only minorly. It's a good idea to wipe down your holder after each use though the holder will still function fine if you don't do this as long as there are no objects in it obstructing the candle or that could be accidently set on fire.

What kind of retailers stock these products?

Our wholesale candle holders include simple traditional styles suitable for any homewares stockists, through a selection of themed items.

Are they affected by seasonal sales variations?

Candles have traditionally sold well in winter, especially during the Christmas period, and we stock both candles and holders that are well suited to this time. However, we also offer outdoor candles for summer, many incorporating the Citronella fragrance used for combating mosquitoes and midges. These make ideal additions to any Garden Centre gift department.

Do I need to have any special certifications to sell candles and tealight holders?


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How do I clean my candle holder?

Make sure no foreign objects fall into candle or holder as this could make it unsafe. It’s a good idea to wipe your holders with a soft damp cloth after each use to avoid sooty residue. You should remove any build-up of excess dried wax after the candle has been extinguished, to ensure the surface remains flat and stable for the next use.

What is a votive candle?

A votive candle, otherwise known as a prayer candle, is a small candle that is burnt in a religious context - specifically as a votive offering in Christian prayer. They specifications of the candle don't determine whether it is a votive candle or not (though most of them tend to be about the height of four or five tea lights stacked on each other), rather they are votive candles if they are used in prayer.

Can I use the candle holders outside?

Some of our metal candle holders are suitable for temporary outside use during the summer months, but they should not be left outside for long periods as they may be subject to rust.

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