In these uncertain times, we are trying to find ways to help our customers which include a number of special promotions on the websites and which we are monitoring and adjusting to follow government guidelines as well as the needs of our customers. 

There is a lot of advice online already, but here is some information to make the most out of our special offers and help during this difficult time.


In this unusual situation we have to find ways to build stronger link with customers and hopefully finding new ones, but as it is not currently possible to engage with them face to face as you usually do, our recommendation is to focus on social media.

Here are 3 recommended topics:

Share your story, who you are, what makes your shop special – it will help you grow your fan base and engaging with followers.

Build stronger relationships by messaging them, sharing tips and suggesting resources to get through this difficult period.

Promote your products – it will help you give your customers ideas for when we get back to normal, almost like creating a wish list.

Many businesses have ventured into online sales or expanded on what they were already doing.  Customers will still want gifts and novelties to help get them through this period so if you can, keep selling to your customers, either through social media or why not try our drop shipping service?

Even if you don’t have an e-commerce site, you can still use our services by promoting our products on social media, newsletters and any other platform. Puckator Dropship, offers over 2500 products that can be sent anywhere in the world, and we are still shipping! Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Once registered (it only takes a few seconds to sign up), pick some items from our site and advertise them online, either on your own e-commerce website or on eBay, Amazon, you can even sell them through the small ads section in newspapers.  You can use our images and descriptions either by saving them one by one of using our product feeds.
  2. When you make a sale, you come back to our site, log in and place the order with your customer's details as the delivery address.
  3. We charge you the dropship price and ship the item directly to your customer.  Your customer will think it has come from you and you will have made a profit risk free!
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