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Tips and Recommendations

  1. Essential Oils and Meditation

    Essential Oils and Meditation

    If you’re looking to use essential oils to support your meditation practice, then this post is for you! Nowadays, many of us live amid a spiral of stress, anxiety and constant work from which we can hardly escape. However, some practices such as meditation or mindfulness are a wonderful tool for reducing anxiety, reaching higher states of consciousness and reducing negative energy. These effects can be further enhanced by learning how to use essential oils in the meditation process.

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    We stock over 300 different types and fragrances of incense, which to a newcomer can seem a little daunting.  However, there are some key scents and brands to look out for, so a good place to start is with the most well-known and widely used; the directly lighting cone and incense sticks.

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  3. Puckator - here to help!


    We know that small businesses and sole traders have a huge amount to cope with at the moment - keeping everything going as well as reassuring your customers you’re doing all you need to do to keep them safe.

    With some uncertainty about what the coming weeks and months might hold in terms of restrictions, Puckator is very much open and ready to help you get through this testing time.

    We know that with Christmas just around the corner, and many retailers currently having to pause physical sales, you may have worries over stock levels and delivery times.

    We’ve put in place as many measures as we can so you can keep running your business smoothly and to help you cope when any curve balls come your way. 

    We’re continuing to process orders with as little disruption as possible but there may be some slight delays during this busy period. Our minimum order value is still just £50, and we are as flexible as we can be with order size: we kno

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  4. Tradeshows Autumn 2020 – What will happen?

    As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. People and businesses worldwide have had to learn and grow to accommodate the 'new normal'. Because of this, we saw lots of different, exciting events get cancelled, postponed or replaced by virtual events or online marketing. A couple of areas that have been affected greatly by this change are exhibitions and trade fairs.

    As a way around this, most have taken things digital! You no longer need to worry about travel and the use of public transport to arrive at your desired event, you can simply turn on your computer and access the fair from wherever you are. The question is, will we adapt to this new way of working, with the old ways seeming outdated, or will it simply go back to business as usual? Will virtual events be the new normal?

    While, in most cases, the thought of catching a flight for a single meeting is probably a thing of the past and will be replaced by a quick Zoom call, the exhibitions fulfil

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  5. Back to School in a Safe and Colourful Mood: Which ranges are the best?

    Back to School in a Safe and Colourful Mood: Which ranges are the best?

    Schools are planning to reopen again in September after being closed for the majority of kids for a while now, and introducing online lessons as an alternative.  Many of them are probably looking forward to getting back in the classroom and some face to face interactions. But the kids won’t go back to the schools as we know it, instead there will be some changes to adapt to and new ways of doing things. Life is a big learning curve for all of us!

    We want to help you to prepare and stock up your store for when the parents and their kids come hunting for school materials.

    First of all we would like to highlight the fact that schools should be a place of, not just learning, but also fun! And one thing that is fun is themes. They are a big YES for children of all ages. So, what’s important to think about is offering a range of different items but in the same or similar designs. Studying for a test will be easier and a lot more fun if they can take notes with a panda pen

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  6. Quick & Easy Check List & Best Products to Boost Your Sale after Lockdown

    Now that many shops are finally allowed to reopen and welcome back customers, we want to help you prepare so you are stocked and ready to go with all your customers needs.

    First things first –Now, more than ever your customers will want to enter your store and feel safe.  Below we have put together a quick check list, many of which we are sure you already have in place!

    • Social distancing – try to keep 1-2 meters.
    • Screens or barriers at the tills.
    • A one-way system using clearly visible markings and signs
    • A maximum number of customers in your store at any one time
    • Hand sanitiser stations at the entrance

    When all that has been ticked off, the next question is…  What products to offer?

    When reopening it is important to fill your shelves with produ

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  7. Coronavirus - How to go through this tough time and how we can help!

    In these uncertain times, we are trying to find ways to help our customers which include a number of special promotions on the websites and which we are monitoring and adjusting to follow government guidelines as well as the needs of our customers. 

    There is a lot of advice online already, but here is some information to make the most out of our special offers and help during this difficult time.


    In this unusual situation we have to find ways to build stronger link with customers and hopefully finding new ones, but as it is not currently possible to engage with them face to face as you usually do, our recommendation is to focus on social media.

    Here are 3 recommended topics:

    Share your story, who you are, what makes your shop special – it will help you grow your fan base and engaging with followers.

    Build stronger relationships by messaging them, s

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  8. Wholesalers and Suppliers - Attending a Trade Fair

    Wholesalers and Suppliers - Attending a Trade Fair

    In the first of our trade-show related blogs last month, Puckator sales director Matt Shaw gave his thoughts on why trade fairs are still such an important part of the yearly calendar – and offered up some expert advice on how to gain the most from these events in today's retail climate.

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  9. Wholesalers and Suppliers - How to Choose Which Exhibitions to Attend

    Wholesalers and Suppliers - How to Choose Which Exhibitions to Attend

    Planning and promotion for the 2020 Spring trade fairs is in full swing – the first events on the calendar begin early in the New Year. But as a wholesaler or supplier, how do you decide which exhibitions to attend?

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  10. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday has well and truly established itself as a consumer phenomenon unlike any other.

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