Essential Oils and Meditation

If you’re looking to use essential oils to support your meditation practice, then this post is for you! Nowadays, many of us live amid a spiral of stress, anxiety and constant work from which we can hardly escape. However, some practices such as meditation or mindfulness are a wonderful tool for reducing anxiety, reaching higher states of consciousness and reducing negative energy. These effects can be further enhanced by learning how to use essential oils in the meditation process.

First of all, when we talk about essential oils - we refer to concentrated plant extracts, made by the steaming or pressing of different parts of a plant. It is important to underline this is the key element which differentiates essential oils from fragrance oils, which are synthetic and man-made, which contain only certain plant derived properties. This is why essential oils are perfect for use in aromatherapy practices with therapeutic benefits. The benefits can be acquired by inhaling the scent molecules or by absorption through the skin after diluting the oil carefully with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation**. In the case of meditation, we recommend using essential oils in one of the following ways:

  • Steam Diffusers: This method is ideal for extended periods of diffusion. You can boil a bit of water with some essential oil drops, but if you want a real long-lasting aroma sensation, an ultrasonic misting aroma diffuser is the best and safest idea. In this case, the ultrasonic vibrations silently break apart the water and oils creating a fine mist that envelops you, promoting a relaxing environment to improve your focus.


Ultrasonic Misting Aroma DiffuserUltrasonic Misting Aroma Diffuser


  • Sprays: Other way to invigorate your senses is using essential oils in spray bottles to spread the aroma throughout the room. As an extra tip, you can spray on your meditation pillow for a more powerful effect.
  • Topical Application: You can dilute an essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil and massage into skin; for example, on the pulse point or on the forehead on the third eye.
  • Oil Burners: These work by using a candle to burn and warm the essential oil and water mix to spread the scent around the room. Oil burners are also a good idea if you are looking for a decorative accessory for your meditation space.

Oil & Wax BurnerOil & Wax Burner

  • Aromatherapy accessories: You can add a drop of your favourite essential oil to a necklace, bracelet or keychain made with absorbent material where you can inhale the aroma whilst on the go. This method is very useful if you want to take it with you for some outdoor meditation in your work place, in nature etc.


Now we have learned a bit about the different ways of incorporating essential oils into our meditation – it’s time to learn about the different effects on our mind and body of some of the most popular fragrances:


  • Lavender Essential Oil: One of the most popular essential oils, especially well known for its relaxing properties. It’s very helpful to relieve stress and promote good sleep. It’s a very good alternative for someone looking for a calming meditation.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Normally used for medical and cosmetic purposes, it is also ideal for morning meditation or quick brain breaks as it brings a big punch of focus and mental clarity.
  • Tea Tree oil: This essential oil has been used since ancient times by Australia's aboriginal people for wound healing. Today, it's commonly used for acne, athlete's foot and insect bites. However, it is also perfect for mental physical renewal during meditation thanks to its purifying and cleansing properties.
  • Ylang Ylang: The perfect energy balancer with a strong floral and uplifting scent. It is recommended to use in small quantities as the aroma can easily become overpowering.
  • Patchouli Essential: A unique essential oil in that it has a very distinct aroma, perfect for balancing our thoughts and emotions during meditation. Characterised by its capacity of promoting sleep, fighting depression, and boosting your mood.


Goloka Lavender Natural Essential Oil 10ml  Goloka Peppermint Natural Essential Oil 10ml  Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10ml  Ylang Ylang Natural Essential Oil 10ml  Patchouli Natural Essential Oil 10ml


Those are just some examples of the most popular essential oils for meditation, and brands like Eden or Goloka have different alternatives to choose from. Likewise, there are also alternatives for those looking for premixed blends to guarantee the best results. For example, Goloka Blend Natural Essential Oil Meditation would be perfect for those looking for deep concentration during the meditation or Goloka Blend Natural Essential Oil Energising for those wanting to start the day with energy.

A combination of meditation and essential oils could be a powerful and transformational fusion. Don't be afraid of trying different alternatives and blends until you find the one that best suits you!




** Please do not use directly on the skin, they should always be diluted in a carrier, usually vegetable oil, before being applied to the skin. Users with allergies, a tolerance test should be carried out. Check with your doctor if you’re unsure.