Solidarity: Together we are Stronger

As we have all witnessed the lives of Ukrainians have been turned upside down by the Russian invasion.

Our offices and warehouses have followed in the worlds footsteps by donating and supporting this humanitarian crisis in any way they can.

Our European Distribution Centre in Wroclaw (Poland) is on the West of Poland, far from the Ukrainian border, but the network of support and love for those refugees entering Poland reaches far and wide.   Working with a charity called Fundacja Wspierania Organizacji Pozarządowych „UMBRELLA”, we donated toys and children’s gifts, water bottles and stationery items that would be distribute to people in need.

Ukraine - PuckatorUkraine - Puckator  

Our Cornish office in the UK collected essential commodities such as tinned food, warm clothes and first aid supplies, partnering with a location charity called the Homeless Shoebox Appeal - Mid Cornwall (St Austell, Par & Fowey), which since the outbreak of the crisis has been working non-stop to provide the border refugee camps with all they need..  Two of our warehouse team, Jasan, and Neil, donated their time to help move the shoeboxes to a main hub for shipping to Poland.

The same has been happening in our European offices, which have collaborated with different associations and projects to provide support, including our Italian colleagues who have been collecting articles for Uniti per l’Ucraina, a project created by SERMIG.

Ukraine - PuckatorUkraine - Puckator 

Our team stand in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine, and with all those suffering the negative consequences of this military aggression.

Every bit of support counts during this crisis, and Puckator will continue to look at ways to help in these troubling times.  Together we are stronger.