Back to School in a Safe and Colourful Mood: Which ranges are the best?

Schools are planning to reopen again in September after being closed for the majority of kids for a while now, and introducing online lessons as an alternative.  Many of them are probably looking forward to getting back in the classroom and some face to face interactions. But the kids won’t go back to the schools as we know it, instead there will be some changes to adapt to and new ways of doing things. Life is a big learning curve for all of us!

We want to help you to prepare and stock up your store for when the parents and their kids come hunting for school materials.

First of all we would like to highlight the fact that schools should be a place of, not just learning, but also fun! And one thing that is fun is themes. They are a big YES for children of all ages. So, what’s important to think about is offering a range of different items but in the same or similar designs. Studying for a test will be easier and a lot more fun if they can take notes with a panda pen

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