Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day with Puckator Wholesale

June 4th is a day cherished by feline enthusiasts worldwide—National Hug Your Cat Day! This delightful holiday is the perfect opportunity to show your beloved kitty some extra affection. But have you ever wondered about the origins of this special day and why it's celebrated? Let's dive into the history and significance of National Hug Your Cat Day and explore how we at Puckator Wholesale join in the festivities.

The Origins of National Hug Your Cat Day

National Hug Your Cat Day was created to honour our feline friends and the joy they bring into our lives. While the exact origins are somewhat mysterious, it is believed that this day was started by cat lovers to encourage people to show their pets some love and appreciation. Cats have been cherished companions for centuries, known for their independent yet affectionate nature. This day reminds us to pause and celebrate the special bond we share with our furry companions.

Puckator’s Feline Friends

At Puckator, we're passionate about cats! Our team includes many proud cat parents, and we'd love to introduce you to some of our adorable cat companions.

Each one of these furry friends brings joy and inspiration to our creative process.

Puckator Cats

Discover Our Cat Collections

Puckator Wholesale is home to an extensive range of cat-themed products that cater to every feline aficionado's taste. Let's take a closer look at some of our most popular collections:

Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat, the mischievous and lovable feline created by Simon Tofield, has captured hearts worldwide. Recently, we celebrated the launch of our new Simon’s Cat range for 2024. From mugs and coasters to stationery and bags, this collection is perfect for fans of the cheeky cat. Be sure to check out our dedicated blog post to learn more about this exciting range.

Lisa Parker’s Magical Cats

Renowned fantasy artist Lisa Parker brings her magical touch to our feline-themed collections. Fully licensed and enchanting, Lisa’s creations include captivating designs such as Hubble Bubble, Hocus Pocus, Absinthe Cat, and Purrlock Holmes. These pieces are perfect for those who appreciate a touch of mysticism and magic in their décor.

Kim Haskins & Jan Pashley

Artists Kim Haskins and Jan Pashley infuse their cat characters with charm and playfulness. Their designs often feature cute kitties getting into all sorts of mischief, making them a favourite among cat lovers. With seasonal designs available, you can find the perfect piece to celebrate any time of year.

In-House Designs: Cat’s Life and Feline Fine

Our talented in-house designers have created unique collections like Cat’s Life and Feline Fine. These ranges showcase a variety of delightful cat illustrations and motifs, perfect for adding a touch of feline flair to your home or office.

Celebrate Black Cats

Black cats hold a special place in our hearts at Puckator. From our solar pals to novelty collectibles and homewares, we celebrate these beautiful creatures with a variety of products. Our original black cat Feline Fine collection remains a timeless favourite among our customers.

Pusheen and Puckator

Pusheen, the chubby grey tabby cat, has become an internet sensation. We’re thrilled to offer a range of Pusheen products that bring her cute and cuddly charm to your everyday life.

Lucky Cats: Maneki Neko

For those who love a touch of luck and prosperity, our Maneki Neko collection is perfect. These iconic waving cats are believed to bring good fortune and happiness, making them a wonderful addition to any space.

Kawaii Style: Lola the Cat from Adoramals

If you adore the cute Kawaii style, Lola the Cat from our Adoramals collection is purrfect for you. Lola is cute, funny, and friendly, making her an instant hit with all ages.

Celebrate with Puckator

Whether you're a lifelong cat lover or just someone who appreciates the charm of our feline friends, National Hug Your Cat Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate. So, give your furry friend an extra hug, explore our fantastic cat collections, and enjoy the magic that cats bring to our lives.

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day from all of us at Puckator Wholesale!