Now that many shops are finally allowed to reopen and welcome back customers, we want to help you prepare so you are stocked and ready to go with all your customers needs.

First things first –Now, more than ever your customers will want to enter your store and feel safe.  Below we have put together a quick check list, many of which we are sure you already have in place!

  • Social distancing – try to keep 1-2 meters.
  • Screens or barriers at the tills.
  • A one-way system using clearly visible markings and signs
  • A maximum number of customers in your store at any one time
  • Hand sanitiser stations at the entrance

When all that has been ticked off, the next question is…  What products to offer?

When reopening it is important to fill your shelves with products that your customers will say “I need it!”. In many places around the world it is now compulsory to wear Face Coverings, so this is a good product to start offering your customers. To try to lighten up the everyday tasks we have designed our own face coverings and have a wide selection of different designs to choose from. You can encourage your customers to match them with their outfit or simply suggest one of the designs that you like the most!

Hygiene will be extremely important after this pandemic and products such as Hand Sanitisers will be particularly good to include in your assortment. We have worked hard in the last couple of months to be able to offer a wide selection in different designs, both in gel and spray. With our new rainbow design arriving this week and with more designs coming soon we are sure to have something suitable for all tastes. 


Other products that have been in high demand are reusable products you can take with you wherever you go, like Compressed Towels, which are easy to carry around and use when out and about. Another range we recommend is our Water Bottle and take away cup collections. These are great not only because they are personal, but they are also good for the environment and reducing the use of single-use plastic.


The last thing we would like to recommend is to create a “feel good” corner in your store. A space where you have products that will help your customers to feel good and relaxed. Fill this corner with oil burners, fragrance oils and incenses. We know that for many people this period has been incredibly stressful and therefore it is important to listen to your body and now and then give it time to relax. Aromatherapy is proven to have a calming effect on your body and mind, which we think that everyone needs after these couple of months.


Last but not least, be positive, we all need to get back to normal and your customers will be happy to see you again!