Coronavirus - Let's catch our breath!

The world is coming together in difficult times to fight against the spread of Covid-19.  We are having to quickly change our habits to protect each other and some of that means giving up the freedoms we take for granted.  As an international company with offices around the world, we are doing everything necessary to protect our staff and customers.  If we follow the international guidelines we can overcome this situation and go back to normality.

In this difficult situation, we thought it was important to include in our 30for30 Challenge (30 charities for 30 years of Puckator) a donation to Italian hospitals which are in desperate need of everyone's support.

There are a lot of organisations fundraising around the world, but because our Italian office is located in Turin we decided to help hospitals of Piedmont which together with Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto are one of the regions most affected by this virus.

We have donated €500 to the cause and if you want to make a donation as well you can support them here.

As we come together to deal with the changing situation we will continue to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible while still delivering as normal and using smart working to keep customer service and order processing as unaffected as possible.

Together we can make it! #iorestoacasa #riprendiamofiato #covid19italia