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Eco-Friendly Gifts

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Our wholesale eco-friendly range contains products that are free from products and substances making them more eco-friendly and good for the environment.  This is a broad category and includes lines that are BPA and phthalate-free such as our bottles and lunch boxes as well as gluten, palm oil and cruelty-free lip balms, soaps and bath bombs which are also vegan-friendly.  As with our other environmental and eco lines, this is an expanding collection so check back regularly for the latest updates.

What will you find in this category?

  • Top trending eco-friendly products and ranges.
  • Plastic products free from BPA and phthalates.
  • Vegan, palm oil and gluten-free beauty gifts that are also cruelty-free.

A Selection Of Top Sellers

  • Lip Balms
  • Bottles and Lunch Boxes
  • Bath Bombs

Other Categories We Recommend

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  1. BH02 - Rose Fizzy Bath Hearts
  2. BH01 - Lavender Fizzy Bath Hearts
  3. LIP05B - Fun Lip Gloss in Fairy Cake Holder in Display Box
  4. LIP78 - Vacation Vibes Unicorn Lip Balm in a Tin
  5. BATH23 - Banoffe Pie Bath Bombs
  6. BATH22 - Tutti Fruiti Bath Bombs
  7. BATH21 - Strawberry Pavlova Bath Bombs
  8. BATH19 - Lemon Eucalyptus Bath Bomb
  9. BATH18 - Melon Bath Bombs
  10. BATH17 - Texas Dewberry Bath Bombs
  11. BATH16 - Apple Pie and Custard Bath Bombs
  12. BATH11 - Coconut Dream Bath Bombs
  13. BATH09 - Baby Powder Bath Bombs
  14. BATH06 - Exotic Shores Ocean Bath Bombs
  15. BATH04 - Rose and Petals Bath Bombs
  16. BATH02 - Bath Bombs for Her
  17. BATH01 - Peppermint and Tea Tree Bath Bombs
  18. BATH14 - Bath Bomb Mix - Rose, Lavender, Tutti Fruitti and For Her
  19. BATH13 - Bath Bomb Mix - Rose, Lavender, Mango and Coconut Dream
  20. LIP79 - Lip Balm in a Monstarz Monster Holder
  21. LIP04B - Lip Balm in Glitter Purse Holder
  22. BATH27 - Raspberry and Black Pepper Shea Butter Bath Bombs
  23. BATH25 - Fig and Cassis Shea Butter Bath Bombs
  24. LIP33 - Fun Lip Balm in Cute Cat Holder
  25. LIP77 - Catch Patch Dog Design Lip Balm in a Tin
  26. LIP52 - London Souvenir Lip Balm in a Tin
  27. LIP50 - Lucky Leprechaun Lip Balm in a Tin
  28. LIP44 - Fun Lip Balm in Unicorn Tin
  29. LIP42 - Fun Lip Balm in Fast Food Popcorn Tub Holder
  30. XLIP87 - Christmas Dachshund Through The Snow Lip Balm a Tin
  31. LIP86 - Spots & Stripes Big Cat Animal Print Lip Balm in a Tin
  32. LIP75 - Lip Balm in Feline Fine Cat Shaped Holder
  33. LIP72 - Lip Balm in Avocado Shaped Holder
  34. LIP71 - Cutiemals Lip Balm in a Tin
  35. LIP70 - Skulls and Roses Lip Balm in a Tin
  36. LIP65 - Alpaca the Herd Alpaca Lip Balm
  37. LIP64 - Enchanted Seas Mermaid Tail and Clam Shell Lip Balm
  38. LIP61 - Simon's Cat Lip Balm in a Tin
  39. LIP46 - Fun Lip Balm in a Unicorn Holder
  40. LIP76 - Lip Balm in Pink Flamingo Holder
  41. LIP74 - Lip Balm in Pandarama Shaped Holder
  42. LIP63 - Just Hanging Around Sloth Lip Balm
  43. LIP62 - Narwaii & Friends Narwhal Lip Balm
  44. LIP81 - Shark Cafe Lip Balm in Shark Shaped Holder
  45. BOT57 - 450ml Childrens Reusable Water Bottle with Straw - Lemur Mob
  46. BOT56 - 450ml Childrens Reusable Water Bottle with Straw - Cutiemals
  47. BOT55 - 450ml Childrens Reusable Water Bottle with Straw - Bramley Bunch Farm
  48. BOT39 - Toucan Party 500ml Reusable Plastic Water Bottle with Metallic Lid
Set Descending Direction

(Items 1-48 of 114)

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